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1.Nutrition Supplements: Vitamins, Minerals, and Non-Nutrient Supplements
6.Restless Legs Syndrome
7.Jet Lag
9.Complementary and Alternative Medicine Feature Articles Index
10.Tyrosine Answers to Questions Found:
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1.Which supplements can help me sleep? 
2.What is the best way to take melatonin to get a good night's sleep? 
3.Can glycine really help improve my sleep? 
4.Can melatonin help with stomach pain? 
5.Can CBD help with insomnia or improve sleep? 
6.Which supplements have been shown to be helpful for autism? 
7.Is it safe to take melatonin when taking prescription sedatives or sleep aids like lorazepam (Ativan) or zolpidem (Ambien)? 
8.I am having trouble sleeping. I regularly take a multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium, calcium, vitamins D and K, and a protein supplement. I also take a low-dose blood pressure medication. Could any of these supplements be causing my insomnia? 
9.Can L-theanine help as a sleep aid? Will be testing these supplements? 
10.What are the benefits of tart cherry juice? 
11.Which supplements help to improve energy and decrease fatigue? 
12.I've heard that taking vitamin D can reduce your natural production of melatonin and interfere with sleep. Is this true? 
13.Do any supplements help for restless legs syndrome? 
14.Could my CoQ10 supplement be causing my insomnia? 
15.I've heard that melatonin may increase the risk of broken bones. I take melatonin regularly. Should I be concerned? 
16.Is it true that overdoses of vitamin D only occur when you don't get enough vitamin K? 
17.Do magnesium creams, sprays and oils really work? 
18.Do any supplements help for tinnitus? Is it true that some supplements can cause tinnitus? 
19.Does Prevagen really improve memory? 
20.What is PQQ? Does it help with aging and memory? Is it similar to CoQ10?  
21.What is Brain Bright and can it really improve memory or cognition? 
22.What is Noopept? Can it really improve memory and cognition, and is it safe?  

Clinical Updates Found:
2017 11/07/2017Melatonin Improves Sleep in Children with Autism
 07/15/2017Lutein May Reduce Eye Strain and Headaches
2016 12/08/2016Vitamin D Keeping You Up?
2015 09/29/2015Melatonin Helps Post-Op Sleep
2011 09/11/2011Better Sleep with Valerian

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1.Seller of Coenzyme-A Warned For Making Drug Claims (Posted: 01/26/2018)
2.FDA Warns Seller of Menopause, Sexual Enhancement, Prostate Supplements and More For Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 06/23/2017)
3.Seller of Tea Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 02/28/2017)
4.Seller of Liver, Lung Support Supplements Warned for Drug Claims (Posted: 01/16/2016)
5.Children and Adult Gummy Vitamins Recalled in Canada Due to Excessive Vitamin D (Posted: 08/06/2015)
6.Abnormal Heart Rhythms Linked with Unauthorized Natural Product, Health Canada Warns (Posted: 07/28/2015)
7.Herbal Laxative and "Detox" Kit Containing High Levels of Lead and/or Arsenic Recalled in Canada (Posted: 04/17/2015)
8.Health Canada Suspends Sales of Male Fern Products (Posted: 04/03/2015)
9.Seller of Weight Loss, Saw Palmetto Supplements and More Warned for Drug Claims (Posted: 10/21/2014)
10.Judge Orders BioAnue To Stop Illegal Cancer and Disease Claims (Posted: 08/02/2014)
11.Maker of Cough and Sleep "Remedies" Warned for Drug Claims (Posted: 07/11/2014)
12.Maker of Mood, Smoking Cessation Supplements and More Warned for Violations, Drug Claims (Posted: 05/14/2014)
13.Maker of Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Loss Supplement Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 04/03/2014)
14.Maker of Herbal Capsules and Extracts Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 03/19/2014)
15.Maker of Joint Health Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 12/19/2013)
16.Supplement Company Warned For Numerous Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 10/25/2013)
17.Maker of Energy, Weight Loss, Sleep and Vitamin D Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 08/16/2013)
18.Sleep Supplement Recalled Due To Undeclared Drugs (Posted: 08/08/2013)
19.Cardio, Energy and Sexual Enhancement Supplement Distributor Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 04/18/2013)
20.Prescription and Street Drug Alternatives Found in Male Enhancement, Mood, and Sleep Supplements (Posted: 07/27/2012)
21.Tart Cherry Supplement Selller Warned by FDA Over Illegal Health Claims (Posted: 06/13/2012)
22.Homeopathic Manufacturer Settles False Advertising Suit (Posted: 06/01/2012)
23.FTC Stops Spammers Selling Bogus Hoodia and Human Growth Hormone (Posted: 08/31/2007)
24.Marketers of Bogus Growth Hormone Sprays Settle with FTC (Posted: 06/14/2007)
25.Canada Warns of Herbal Sleep Product Containing Rx Drug (Posted: 12/18/2006)
26.Canada Advises Consumers Not To Use Adulterated Sleep Supplement (Posted: 08/31/2006)
27.FTC Stops False Claims about HGH Oral Spray (Posted: 10/18/2005)
28.Supplement Company to Pay $2 Million Penalty For Alleged Violations of FTC Order (Posted: 10/12/2005)
29.FTC Stops False Advertising of Heavily Promoted Supplements for Breast Enhancment, Male Virility, and Snoring (Posted: 07/21/2003)
30.FTC Requires Scientific Evidence for "Snore Formula" Claims (Posted: 04/15/2003)
31.Canadian Warning on Use of Bejai Bowyantan for Infants (Posted: 06/20/2002)

News Releases Found:
2018 05/31/2018ConsumerLab Identifies the Best Valerian Supplements -- Strength, Quality and Cost Vary Widely Among Popular Brands
2017 09/26/ Explains How to Take Melatonin and Reveals Its Top Supplement Picks
2016 02/24/2016Vitamin D Supplements Jump to Top Spot in Popularity, Surpassing Fish Oil, as Probiotics Rise to #5 Spot Behind CoQ10 and Multivitamins in Survey
2015 05/28/ Shows How to Choose the Right Melatonin Supplement for Sleep
2013 10/23/2013Valerian “Sleep” Supplements Vary Widely in Key Compounds and Two Fail Tests for Lead Contamination
2011 11/29/ identifies many quality melatonin sleep supplements, but prices range from 4 cents to over $1 for the same dose
2010 11/24/ faults AHPA trade group for misrepresenting quality of valerian supplements
 11/10/2010Only 22% of valerian herbal sleep supplements selected for review pass tests for quality by
2008 10/02/ finds melatonin supplements range in strength but ingredient quality is high
2006 08/15/2006Over 70% of herbal sleep supplements fail tests for quality by — Results for 16 valerian products released today
 03/29/ reports on 29 popular melatonin sleep supplements
2004 07/07/ finds several herbal sleep supplements fail tests for quality — Results for 13 valerian products released today
 04/22/ shares insights from 2 years of testing supplements for athletic banned substances — Athletes and manufacturers urged to learn how to avoid problems
2002 12/30/2002Top quality melatonin products identified by — Hormone supplement used to treat sleep disturbances due to jet travel and other causes
2001 07/09/2001Many herbal sleep products lack key claimed ingredient — Results of's testing of valerian products released on web today