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1.O.N.E.  Green Tea Review: Supplements, Brewable, Matcha, and Bottled *
2.O.N.E.  Turmeric and Curcumin Supplements and Spices *
3.O.N.E.  Vitamin D Supplements Review (Including Calcium, Vitamin K, Magnesium) *
4.O.N.E.  Garlic Supplements
5.O.N.E.  Choline Supplements (Including Phosphatidylcholine, CDP-Choline, and Alpha-GPC) *
6.O.N.E.  Digestive Enzyme Supplements *
7.O.N.E.  Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) Supplements Review  *
8.O.N.E.  Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements Review
9.O.N.E.  Pomegranate Juice and Supplements *
10.O.N.E.  Black Currant Oil, Borage Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and Hemp Oil Supplements: Sources of ALA and GLA (Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids) *
11.O.N.E.  Melatonin Supplements Review *
12.O.N.E.  Apple Cider Vinegar -- Bottled Liquids and Pills *
13.O.N.E.  CBD & Hemp Supplements *
14.O.N.E.  Fish Oil and Omega-3 and -7 Fatty Acid Supplements Review (Including Krill, Algae, Calamari, Green-lipped Mussel Oil, and Sea Buckthorn)
15.O.N.E.  Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba) Supplements Review *
16.O.N.E.  L-Tryptophan and 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) *
17.O.N.E.  Mangosteen Juice and Supplements *
18.O.N.E.  Valerian Supplements Review *
19.O.N.E.  Ashwagandha Supplements *
20.O.N.E.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review *
21.O.N.E.  Lysine Supplements Review
22.O.N.E.  Milk Thistle and Liver Formula Supplements *
23.O.N.E.  Zinc Supplements and Lozenges *
24.O.N.E.  Cinnamon Supplements and Spices *
25.O.N.E.  Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Nibs, Extracts & Supplements -- Sources of Flavanols
26.O.N.E.  Kelp Supplements Review
27.O.N.E.  Review of L-Arginine Supplements
28.O.N.E.  Selenium Supplements Review
29.O.N.E.  Maca Supplements Review
30.O.N.E.  Review of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Supplements for Slimming
31.O.N.E.  Echinacea Supplements
32.O.N.E.  Ginger Supplements & Ales Review
33.O.N.E.  Greens and Whole Food Powders, Pills and Drinks Review
34.O.N.E.  Menopause Supplements (Soy and Red Clover Isoflavones, Black Cohosh) and Progesterone Creams
35.O.N.E.  Oat Cereals
36.O.N.E.  Protein Powders, Shakes, and Drinks Review
37.O.N.E.  Coconut Waters Review -- Tests of O.N.E., Vita Coco, and Zico
38.O.N.E.  African Mango (Seed Extract) Supplements for Weight Loss *
39.O.N.E.  Aloe Liquids, Gels, and Supplements
40.O.N.E.  DHEA Supplements *
41.O.N.E.  Joint Health Supplements for Pets with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM & Boswellia
42.O.N.E.  Noni Juice *
43.O.N.E.  Potassium Iodide (KI) and Potassium Iodate (KIO3): Radioprotective Agents *
44.O.N.E.  Where to Buy Supplements - From
45.O.N.E.  Berberine and Goldenseal Supplements
46.O.N.E.  Bilberry Supplements Review
47.O.N.E.  Bone Broth Review
48.O.N.E.  Chromium Supplements
49.O.N.E.  Ginseng Supplements
50.O.N.E.  Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Boswellia Supplements for Joint Health
51.O.N.E.  Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements for Weight Loss
52.O.N.E.  Home Test for Disintegration of Vitamins and Supplements
53.O.N.E.  L-Theanine Supplements Review
54.O.N.E.  Low-Dose Lithium Supplements
55.O.N.E.  Magnesium and Calcium-Magnesium Supplements Review
56.O.N.E.  Meal Replacement & Weight Management Powders and Shakes
57.O.N.E.  Nutrition Bars (Energy Bars, Fiber Bars, Protein Bars, Meal Replacement Bars, and Whole Food Bars)
58.O.N.E.  Resveratrol Supplements (Grape, Red Wine, and Polygonum Sources)
59.O.N.E.  Review of Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements (Sterols and Policosanol)
60.O.N.E.  Review of Products for Lactose Intolerance (Lactase Enzymes and Lactose-Free Milks)
61.O.N.E.  Review of Sexual Enhancer Supplements (with Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Arginine)
62.O.N.E.  St. John's Wort Supplements Review
63.O.N.E.  Vitamin K Supplements (Including Calcium and Vitamin D)
64.O.N.E.  Weight Loss Supplement Review (7-Keto DHEA and Stimulant Blend Supplements)
65.O.N.E.  Wellbutrin vs. Generic Bupropion
66.O.N.E.  Acetyl-L-Carnitine Supplements Review *
67.O.N.E.  Hoodia (Hoodia gordonii) *
68.O.N.E.  How Products Were Evaluated, See the methods used by to test specific types of dietary supplements and other health products
69.O.N.E.  Inactive Ingredients in Supplements  *
70.O.N.E.  Lycopene Supplements
71.O.N.E.  Baobab Dried Fruit Pulp
72.O.N.E.  Nattokinase Supplements Review
73.O.N.E.  Toprol XL vs. Generic Metoprolol Succinate Extended-release (ER) Tablets
74.O.N.E.  Acai Berry Supplements and Beverages
75.O.N.E.  Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplements Review
76.O.N.E.  Astaxanthin Supplements Review
77.O.N.E.  B Vitamin Supplements (B Complexes, B6, B12, Biotin, Folate, Niacin, Riboflavin & More)
78.O.N.E.  Breast Enhancement Supplements *
79.O.N.E.  Calcium Supplement Reviews & Information
80.O.N.E. Expert Webinar on Supplements for Osteoarthritis
81.O.N.E.  CoQ10 and Ubiquinol Supplements Review
82.O.N.E.  Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) Supplements
83.O.N.E.  Huperzine A Supplements Review
84.O.N.E.  Iron Supplements
85.O.N.E.  Muscle & Workout Supplements (Creatine and Branched-chain Amino Acids)
86.O.N.E.  N-Acetyl Cysteine Supplements
87.O.N.E.  Potassium Supplements Review
88.O.N.E.  Probiotics (Including Kombucha and Pet Supplements)
89.O.N.E.  Prostate Supplements (Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol)
90.O.N.E.  Red Yeast Rice Supplements Review
91.O.N.E.  Rhodiola Rosea Supplements
92.O.N.E.  SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine) Supplements Review
93.O.N.E.  Vision Supplements with Lutein and Zeaxanthin
94.O.N.E.  Vitamin A Supplements, Including Beta-Carotene and Cod Liver Oil
95.O.N.E.  Vitamin C Supplements
96.O.N.E.  Vitamin E Supplement Reviews & Information |
97.O.N.E.  Recommended Daily Intakes for Vitamins & Nutrients |

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1.Complementary Therapies
2.N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
3.Vitamin E
4.Alternative Therapies Index
5.Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease Prevention
6.Functional Foods Index
7.Fish Oil
8.Vitamin C
9.Cancer Prevention (Reducing the Risk)
10.High Cholesterol Answers to Questions Found:
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1.Can coconut water help with muscle cramps or restless legs syndrome? 
2.Do Vital 3 collagen drops really help for joint pain? 
3.Someone told me that one Brazil nut can provide your entire recommended daily intake for vitamin E. Is that true? 
4.What is Pycnogenol and does it work? 
5.After taking a curcumin supplement, I started getting chronic diarrhea which went away when I stopped taking it. Can curcumin supplements cause diarrhea?  
6.What are phytoceramides? Do phytoceramide supplements really work to improve aging skin?  
7.What are the benefits of tart cherry juice? 
8.What are the health benefits of olive oil? 
9.Which supplements help with depression and anxiety? 
10.Can beetroot juice improve my workout performance?  
11.Do any supplements help prevent or treat a cold? 
12.Do any supplements help prevent sunburn or skin damage from sun exposure? 
13.What are omega-7 fatty acids? Do I need to take these if I already take fish oil? 
14.What is Noopept? Can it really improve memory and cognition, and is it safe?  
15.Which dark chocolate bar has the most flavanols with the least calories? 
16.Which supplements have been shown to be helpful for autism? 
17.Do any supplements help prevent or improve cataracts? 
18.Do any supplements help with gum disease or periodontitis? 
19.What is monolaurin? Can it really prevent colds, cold sores, or other infections? 
20.What is Protandim and does it really work? 
21.Which supplements are best for seasonal allergies? 
22.Are cranberry supplements helpful for men? Can they help with symptoms of an enlarged prostate, prostatitis, or urinary tract infections?  
23.Can glycine really help improve my sleep? 
24.Does AZO Bladder Control really work for overactive bladder?  
25.Have you evaluated a multivitamin by Vita Logic called Daily Extra? 
26.How does regular black pepper compare with black pepper extract used in supplements? Will sprinkling it on food with turmeric help increase the bioavailability of curcumin compounds from turmeric? 
27.I heard somewhere to avoid chocolate with "processed with alkali" in the ingredients. Is that true? 
28.I've read about several different forms of SAMe. Is one form better than another?  
29.Sometimes my powdered supplements get clumpy. Should I be concerned? 
30.What are the benefits of grapefruit seed extract (GSE)? Is it safe? 
31.Which supplements can help me sleep? 
32.Will 7-keto DHEA help me lose weight? 
33.Do diamine oxidase (DAO) supplements for histamine intolerance really work? 
34.Do reishi mushroom supplements boost the immune system, or have other benefits? 
35.Does coconut water help re-hydrate as well as sports drinks? 
36.Does Gynostemma pentaphyllum really work as an AMPK activator and help for diabetes? 
37.I bought a lactose-free milk that is "calcium-fortified" and provides 50% of the Daily Value for calcium. Is that too much calcium? 
38.What is Prelief? Does it really help for heartburn and/or bladder pain from acidic foods?  
39.What is shilajit? Does it have any proven benefits, and is heavy metal contamination a concern? 
40.What is the difference between fish oil and krill oil? Is one better than the other? 
41.Which supplements are helpful for age-related macular degeneration (AMD)? 
42.Are enteric coated supplements better than non-enteric coated ones? 
43.Are there vitamins or supplements that can reduce my risk of breast cancer? 
44.Can apple cider vinegar really lower blood sugar or help me lose weight? 
45.Do vitamin B12 patches, like those from PatchMD, really work? 
46.Does collagen taken as a supplement help with arthritis? I'm seeing it in products for joint health. 
47.Does Prevagen really improve memory? 
48.How can the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for magnesium be higher than the Upper Tolerable Intake Level (UL)? That is, how can an amount which is healthful also put you at risk for harm? 
49.I have to be careful about my sodium intake. Could my glucosamine and chondroitin supplement contain hidden sodium?  
50.I live in Canada. Does ever test Canadian products? 
51.I'm taking Lumiday, a supplement to improve mood. It seems to help me but is it safe? 
52.Is it true that fish oil is better absorbed when taken with a fatty meal? 
53.Is it true that most coffee is contaminated with mold? 
54.What is carrageenan? Should I be concerned that it is an ingredient in my supplement? 
55.What is PQQ? Does it help with aging and memory? Is it similar to CoQ10?  
56.What is the difference between forms of vitamin K2? 
57.Do any supplements help with migraines? 
58.Does taking one slow-release calcium tablet of 600 mg (such as Citracal) per day pose a risk for heart disease? 
59.I find labels of some supplement bottles misleading. For example, an L-theanine label says 200 mg on the front but the back says each pill contains just 100 mg, noting that a serving is 2 capsules. Is this legal? 
60.I want to try yacon syrup because I've heard it is helpful for weight loss, but there are so many brands to choose from. How do I find a quality brand? 
61.I've tried a number of fish oil supplements, all of which make me nauseous. What is the best non-fish alternative? I am primarily interested in getting EPA. 
62.Some websites are highly critical of magnesium stearate, which is in many supplements. Is this substance toxic and should I avoid it? 
63.Which supplements can help lower or control my blood sugar? 
64.Which supplements can help to lower blood pressure? 
65.Why is there so much cadmium, a toxin, in cocoa powders but not in dark chocolate? 
66.Can chocolate and cocoa powder cause eczema? 
67.Can lemon juice or lemonade reduce my chances of getting kidney stones?  
68.Can vitamin K2 really help decrease calcium in the arteries? 
69.Do any supplements help relieve stress? 
70.Do I need to divide my daily 300 mg dose of CoQ10 into smaller doses, or can I take it all at once?  
71.Does Carditone work to lower blood pressure?  
72.Have you heard of the probiotic, Keybiotics? Does it do what it claims, and is it worth the money they charge?  
73.How does white tea compare to green tea and black tea in terms of antioxidant catechins? How about caffeine levels and lead contamination? 
74.I eat one to two cups of Greek yogurt every day. Do I still need to take a probiotic supplement? 
75.I take St. John's wort for depression. Your report notes that it can interact with other medications. Would taking it several hours apart from other meds avoid this interaction? 
76.I've heard that having low B-12 or B-6 can cause depression. Is that true? 
77.Is it true that low-carb or Mediterranean diets help for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)? 
78.Is it true that oat cereals, like Cheerios, oatmeal, oatflakes and steel-cut oats can be contaminated with a toxin? 
79.Is there an accurate test for magnesium deficiency? 
80.Is there evidence that d-limonene can help fight cancer? 
81.Now that it was shown that Ginkgo biloba is not an effective memory enhancer, are there any other health enhancing benefits from taking it, and, if so, what dose should one take daily? 
82.Should I be worried that my supplement contains "caramel coloring IV"? I've heard that it has been linked to cancer. 
83.What is Lutigold Lutein? And why is the capsule of one brand of lutein so much larger than that of another brand, if the amount of lutein on the label is the same? 
84.What is Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) and is it helpful for prostate cancer? 
85.What is the difference between natural and synthetic astaxanthin?  
86.Which vitamins and minerals should be taken together or separately? 
87.Are plant-based calcium supplements, like AlgaeCal, better than regular calcium supplements? 
88.As vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, why is it necessary to take it every day? 
89.Can beetroot juice or supplements help lower my blood pressure? 
90.Can I just stop taking alpha lipoic acid, or do I need to taper down? 
91.Can I trust How are its tests paid for? 
92.Do any supplements help for hair loss? 
93.Do any supplements help with nerve pain, like sciatica or diabetic neuropathy? 
94.Do probiotics really help prevent or treat vaginal yeast infections? 
95.Does CoQ10 reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, or tighten the skin? Are there any other supplements that can help? 
96.Does Restore (Bionic Sciences LLC) really improve gut health? What is in Restore? 
97.Have any supplements been shown to increase women's libido?  
98.How concerned should I be about glyphosate in foods and supplements? 
99.I developed a rash after taking an iron supplement and then realized the supplement contained soy, to which I am allergic. Can your reports help me avoid soy and other allergens in supplements? 
100.I'm a middle-aged healthy woman who gets occasional urinary tract infections. I heard that cranberry juice or cranberry supplements can help prevent the condition. Is this true? 
101.Is Hershey's Special Dark better than other dark chocolate bars or cocoa powders? 
102.Is there a risk of liver toxicity with certain supplements? 
103.Just one dose of a horse chestnut extract (standardized to 20% aescin) caused me to have significant nausea and vomiting. Might there be a problem with the product? 
104.What is Skinny Fiber and does it really work? I see that glucomannan is a key ingredient. What is that? 
105.Which is better for lowering triglyceride levels -- fish oil or plant-based oils like flaxseed or echium oil?  
106.Which is the best form of magnesium to take - one that contains the most magnesium and is best absorbed? 
107.Which supplements are important after bariatric surgery (i.e., weight loss or stomach-reducing surgery)? Are there any I should avoid? 
108.Which supplements help for osteoarthritis of the hip? 
109.With probiotics, how many CFUs should I look for as the dose? Is more necessarily better? 
110.Are lozenges and sublingual pills considered dietary supplements? 
111.Are there drug interactions with magnesium supplements? 
112.Being over 50 years old, I'm looking to take a vitamin B-12 supplement. I see that many contain a form of vitamin B-12 called cyanocobalamin, yet I read on the Internet that this form is toxic. Should I be concerned? 
113.Can baking soda really help treat rheumatoid arthritis? 
114.Can heat and humidity destroy whey protein and other sports nutrition supplements (e.g., creatine, BCAAs, digestive enzymes) during shipping or while storing at home? 
115.Can I take CoQ10 at the same time as my statin, or should I take them separately? 
116.Can vitamin B-12 help prevent or reduce canker sores? 
117.Can white kidney bean extract really help me lose weight? 
118.Coromega Max claims it is uniquely emulsified to provide 300% better absorption than standard fish oil softgels. Is this true? It's more expensive than many fish oils but could potentially provide better overall value.  
119.Does Alpha Brain really improve memory, focus and cognition?  
120.For two years, I used a red yeast rice brand which's report showed to contain the highest amount of lovastatin. With just one pill per day, it kept my cholesterol lower (down to 205 from 260 before starting). I switched to a supermarket store brand because it was cheaper and my cholesterol jumped to 278 (taking 2 pills per day)! I don't think the store brand had anything in it -- is that possible? Can you test it? 
121.How can I find out where a vitamin or supplement is made and where its ingredients come from, such as China or the USA? 
122.How can I get the equivalent of 20 ml of extra virgin olive oil (4 teaspoons) as oleic acid capsules? 
123.How much caffeine is really in dark chocolate bars? 
124.How much dark chocolate equals a tablespoon of cocoa powder? 
125.How much fat is there in chocolate? Is it saturated fat? 
126.I have milk allergy and can't eat dairy. What's the best way for me to get calcium? 
127.I have type 2 diabetes. Should I be concerned about ingredients like maltodextrin and maltitol that are found in some protein bars and drinks? 
128.I purchased a supplement with a warning label indicating that it contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm, but there is no information explaining why. Do you know? 
129.I read that aging lowers the body's capacity to produce vitamin D. Even regular sun exposure will not suffice and one may have to take a vitamin D3 supplement during old age to meet our body's regular requirements. Please comment on this. 
130.I take ubiquinol to replenish CoQ10 depleted by my statin. I also take curcumin (from turmeric). Since they both manage free radicals, do I need to take the curcumin?  
131.I'm interested in using Himalayan salt. What are the health benefits with it and other specialty salts? Are there contaminants in these salts? 
132.I'm thinking of changing my multivitamin, but the one I'm considering doesn't contain molybdenum. Most others have it. How important is molybdenum? 
133.I've been taking a Daily Advantage multi but am now concerned by the very high % DV for vitamin C (833% DV), niacin (325% DV), and B vitamins (over 1,000% DV for several). The company tells me this formula is based on clinical experience and the scientific literature. What do you think? 
134.I've heard that rice has high levels of arsenic. Does that mean rice bran oil does too? 
135.Is echium oil a good alternative to fish oil? I am allergic to fish.  
136.Is it true that there is no point in taking fish oil supplements for heart health? 
137.Is quercetin helpful for a specific condition? I see it as an ingredient in several different types of supplements.  
138.Is sublingual vitamin B-12 really better than the pill form? 
139.Lovaza, a prescription omega-3 fish oil, is very expensive. Can I get the same omega-3 oils from a supplement that costs less? 
140.Must I take amino acid supplements on an empty stomach? Can I take them with other amino acids or with food to help with swallowing capsules? 
141.My dog is getting older and his veterinarian recently recommended giving him a glucosamine supplement for his joints. Has tested these, or other supplements for pets?  
142.What is Brain Bright and can it really improve memory or cognition? 
143.What is graviola? Can it really help fight cancer? 
144.Which supplements can help with arthritis? 
145.Which supplements help to improve energy and decrease fatigue? 
146.Are there drug interactions with curcumin or turmeric? 
147.Are there negative interactions between the following supplements I take twice each day, as well as 60 mg of beta-sitosterol with dinner: Vitamin C (500 mg), CoQ10 (100 mg), grape seed extract (100 mg), fish oil (500 mg), vitamin D3/calcium/magnesium/zinc (200 IU/333 mg/113 mg/5mg)? 
148.Are there supplements which can reduce prostate size? 
149.Can D-mannose help prevent urinary tract infections? 
150.Can taking too much fish oil be dangerous? 
151.Can taking too much vitamin B-12 be dangerous? The label on my B-complex states it contains 50,000% the Daily Value!  
152.Can taking too much vitamin B-6 be dangerous? The label on my multivitamin states it contains 2000% the Daily Value!  
153.Do any supplements help for restless legs syndrome? 
154.Do Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins make hair shine, nails stronger, and help both to grow? They taste good but are super expensive. 
155.How does turmeric spice compare to turmeric (curcumin) in supplements? I sprinkle it on my foods and wonder if that's equivalent to taking a supplement. 
156.I drink organic milk with added DHA Omega-3, but it is expensive. Is it worth paying extra for the added DHA?  
157.I have low blood pressure. Are there any supplements I should avoid? 
158.I would like to try gotu kola for varicose veins but I've heard it's not safe to take. Is that true? 
159.Is colloidal silver helpful for any condition and is it safe to use? I'm seeing it promoted for many applications. 
160.Is it better to buy supplements which are combination formulas or single-ingredient? 
161.Is it better to eat farmed salmon or wild salmon? Which one has more omega-3s and less contamination with PCBs, mercury, etc.? 
162.Is it okay to buy supplements as tablets? I've heard that tablets may go through our system without dissolving. Is there any way to know whether tablets will properly dissolve? 
163.Is it true that drinking a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with water can kill bacteria in the urinary tract or help in other ways? Is this safe -- or is it dangerous? 
164.Is there a difference between taking vitamin D in the dry form versus the oil capsules? Is one better than the other? 
165.What are the benefits of coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides, such as those used in Bulletproof Coffee? 
166.What is CELLFOOD and is it a healthy supplement? 
167.What is lunasin and does it really reduce cholesterol? 
168.What is serrapeptase and does it work? 
169.What is the benefit of magnesium orotate compared to other forms of magnesium? 
170.What is the difference between the RDA and the DV for vitamins and minerals? 
171.Are lithium orotate supplements as effective and safe as prescription lithium for bipolar disease and depression? 
172.Can bloodroot or "black salve" treat skin cancer? Is it safe? 
173.Can I take cholesterol-lowering statin medication with green tea? 
174.Do any supplements help prevent or treat osteoporosis? 
175.Do brain training games and apps really work and improve memory? 
176.Does taking a laxative interfere with the absorption of vitamins or minerals? 
177.How do I choose the best magnesium supplement?  
178.I do moderate exercise for about an hour a few times a week. Which supplements might help me? 
179.I take a number of supplements and I think they are making my acid reflux worse. Which supplements could be causing my stomach irritation, and what can I do about it? 
180.I take levothyroxine (Synthroid), a thyroid hormone to treat hypothyroidism. Are there supplements I should avoid, or be taking, due to this drug? 
181.I was surprised when my doctor told me to stop taking supplements because my kidney function was low. But after stopping the supplements, my kidney function returned to normal. Can taking a lot of supplements really damage the kidneys? 
182.I've heard that soaking dried beans for 24 hours reduces the phytate level, allowing for greater access to nutrients. Is this true? 
183.Is CBD (cannabidiol) helpful and safe? Is it legal?  
184.Is drinking coffee good or bad for heart health? 
185.Is it true that some vitamins or supplements can cause cancer? 
186.Is Rhodiola rosea effective for depression and does it have other uses? Will be testing these supplements? 
187.Tablets I purchased are becoming "crumbly" after a few weeks and are easy to break. Is there a problem with this supplement? 
188.What are the benefits of calcium-d-glucarate? 
189.What are the health benefits of stevia? Is it safe? 
190.What is acrylamide? Is it true that coffee and cocoa contain this toxin? 
191.What Is Marine-D3 and does it live up to anti-aging claims? 
192.What supplements should I stop taking before surgery? 
193.Which "whole food" multivitamins are only from foods and don't include synthetic vitamins? What can you tell from the labels of these products: Complete Foods Nutrition-OctoMega MultiVitamin; Sunwarrior Raw Vitamins; Garden of LIfe-MyKind Organics; Nature's Brands-PhytoVitamins; Doctors' Research MultiVitamin? 
194.Which are the best non-prescription hearing aids? Are any of these low-cost devices as good as more expensive, prescription hearing aids? 
195.Which supplements can help lower cholesterol and keep my heart healthy? Are there any to avoid?  
196.Which supplements can help with indigestion and/or heartburn? 
197.Which supplements reduce the risk of stroke? Which increase the risk of stroke? 
198.Why is iron not in many multivitamins? How can I find one that does contain iron? 

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1.Caffeine Toxicity a Danger Due to Product Packaging (Posted: 06/08/2018)
2.Product Packaging Could Lead to Consuming Dangerous Amounts of Caffeine (Posted: 06/05/2018)
3.FDA Warns Seller of "Aromatase Inhibitor" Supplement (Posted: 05/29/2018)
4.FDA Warns Companies Selling "Sun Protection" Supplements (Posted: 05/22/2018)
5.Wegmans Recalls Traditional Medicinals Teas Due to Salmonella Risk (Posted: 04/26/2018)
6.Traditional Medicinals "Throat Coat" Lemon Echinacea Herbal Tea Recalled in Canada (Posted: 04/24/2018)
7.NxtGen Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom Recalled (Posted: 04/21/2018)
8.Men's Sexual Enhancement Supplement Recalled (Posted: 04/14/2018)
9.Bob's Red Mill Organic Amaranth Flour Recalled Due To Salmonella Risk (Posted: 04/09/2018)
10.FDA Issues Mandatory Recall of Salmonella-Contaminated Kratom Products (Posted: 04/03/2018)
11.PDX Aromatics Expands Recall of Kratom Products (Posted: 03/23/2018)
12.FDA Warns Seller of Milk Thistle, Chromium, Joint Supplements & More for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 03/13/2018)
13.Kratom Supplements Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (Posted: 03/10/2018)
14.American College of Sports Medicine Warns of Energy Drink Dangers (Posted: 02/13/2018)
15.FDA Links 44 Deaths to Kratom (Posted: 02/06/2018)
16.Marketers of CellAssure and Cognify Settle FTC Charges of Deceptive Cancer Claims (Posted: 01/16/2018)
17.Adverse Effects From Energy Drinks Common Among Youth and Young Adults (Posted: 01/16/2018)
18.Blue Pearl All Natural Enhancement Supplement Recalled (Posted: 12/19/2017)
19.Nutra Labs Recalls Sexual Enhancement Supplements Containing Undeclared Drugs (Posted: 12/01/2017)
20.Protein Bars Recalled After Consumer Finds Piece of Plastic in Bar (Posted: 11/27/2017)
21.Health Canada Calls for Stronger Warnings of Liver Risk on Green Tea Extract Products (Posted: 11/21/2017)
22.36 Deaths Associated With the Use of Kratom Products (Posted: 11/14/2017)
23.Most CBD Oils, Tinctures, Vapors Labeled Inaccurately (Posted: 11/07/2017)
24.Black Licorice Can Cause Abnormal Heart Rhythms, FDA Warns (Posted: 10/31/2017)
25.Enhancement Supplement "Vegetable Vigra" Recalled (Posted: 09/23/2017)
26.Sexual Enhancement Supplements Containing Prescription Drugs Recalled (Posted: 09/21/2017)
27.Protein Supplements Can Be Dangerous in People with Rare Genetic Disorder (Posted: 08/15/2017)
28.Study Shows Severe Risk in Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide (Posted: 08/08/2017)
29.AMPT "Sexual Enhancement" Coffee Recalled (Posted: 08/03/2017)
30."Man of Steel" Sexual Enhancement Supplements Recalled (Posted: 08/01/2017)
31.Increase in Calls to Poison Control Centers About Supplements (Posted: 07/29/2017)
32.Sexual Enhancement Supplement Containing Prescription Drugs Recalled (Posted: 07/22/2017)
33.Herbal "Sexual Enhancement Coffee" Recalled (Posted: 07/18/2017)
34.Hidden Drugs Found in Sexual Enhancement Products (Posted: 07/18/2017)
35.FDA Warns Seller of Menopause, Sexual Enhancement, Prostate Supplements and More For Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 06/23/2017)
36.FDA Finds Hidden Drug Ingredients in Sexual Enhancement Supplements (Posted: 06/22/2017)
37."Allergy" Supplement Containing Ephedra Recalled (Posted: 05/26/2017)
38.Herbal "Sexual Enhancement Coffee" Recalled, One Death Reported (Posted: 05/26/2017)
39.Herbal Teas Recalled Due To Botulism Risk (Posted: 05/06/2017)
40.Sexual Enhancement Supplements for Men and Women Recalled (Posted: 04/19/2017)
41.Weight Loss Supplement Containing Undeclared Drug Recalled (Posted: 04/01/2017)
42.Nutrition Bar Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (Posted: 04/01/2017)
43.FDA Finds Problems at 62% of Supplement Manufacturing Sites in U.S. and Abroad (Posted: 03/17/2017)
44.Two Hospitalized After Drinking Herbal Tea With Aconite (Posted: 03/11/2017)
45.Multivitamin Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (Posted: 02/28/2017)
46.Radio "Infomercials" for Cognitive and Joint Health Supplements Deceived Consumers, Says FTC (Posted: 02/25/2017)
47.Life Extension Warned for Drug Claims (Posted: 02/14/2017)
48.Dark Chocolate Bar Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (Posted: 01/14/2017)
49.FTC Charges Marketers of Prevagen With Making False Claims (Posted: 01/10/2017)
50.Seller of 5-HTP, Chromium, Curcumin and More Warned for Drug Claims (Posted: 12/21/2016)
51.Case of Hemorrhagic Stroke Linked to Redline Energy Drink (Posted: 12/13/2016)
52.Chocolate Hazelnut Butter CLIF Nut Butter Filled Energy Bars Recalled (Posted: 12/07/2016)
53.Bentonite Clay Promoted for "Detoxification" Contaminated With Lead (Posted: 11/29/2016)
54.GNC Women's Multi Recalled Due to Undeclared Allergen (Posted: 11/19/2016)
55.Liver Injuries Linked With Dietary Supplement Use on the Rise (Posted: 11/04/2016)
56.FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Twelve Energy and Sexual Enhancement Supplements (Posted: 11/01/2016)
57.Steroid "Alternatives" Not Permitted In Dietary Supplements, FDA Warns (Posted: 10/29/2016)
58.Miracle Mineral Solution Danger (Posted: 10/29/2016)
59.Nutrisystem Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (Posted: 10/13/2016)
60.Seller of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Settles FTC Charges of False Advertising (Posted: 10/11/2016)
61.Chinese Herbal Supplement Recalled Due to Lead Contamination (Posted: 08/16/2016)
62.Turmeric Spice Recall Expanded to Include More Brands (Posted: 08/08/2016)
63.Seller of Whey Protein Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims (Posted: 08/02/2016)
64.Ground Turmeric Spice Recalled Due to Lead Contamination (Posted: 07/29/2016)
65.Maker of "Super Food" Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 07/23/2016)
66.The Republic of Tea Recalls Turmeric/Ginger Teas Due to Salmonella Risk (Posted: 05/02/2016)
67.FDA Warns of Stimulant Methylsynephrine In Supplements (Posted: 04/06/2016)
68.Muscle Enhancement Supplement Recalled (Posted: 04/05/2016)
69.Toxins in Chocolate (Posted: 03/30/2016)
70.FDA Finds Problems at 58% of Supplement Manufacturing Sites in U.S. and Abroad (Posted: 03/12/2016)
71.Maker of Calcium and Vitamin C Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 03/08/2016)
72.Marketers of Weight Supplements AF Plus and Final Trim Violated Consumer Protection Laws, Says FTC (Posted: 02/06/2016)
73.Seller of Weight and Enhancement Supplements Warned For Drug Claims (Posted: 02/03/2016)
74.Non-Decolorized Aloe, Goldenseal Root Added to Prop 65 List of Cancer-Causing Chemicals (Posted: 12/08/2015)
75.FDA Warns Companies Selling Products Containing Picamilon (Posted: 12/05/2015)
76.FTC Charges Maker of Supplement for Opiate Addiction with Deceptive Claims (Posted: 11/21/2015)
77.Green Tea from Tea Bags Linked to Acute Hepatitis (Posted: 11/04/2015)
78.Recall of Male Enhancement Supplement Expanded (Posted: 10/14/2015)
79.FDA Warns Seller of Omega-3 "Concussion" Supplement for Drug Claims (Posted: 10/08/2015)
80.Male Enhancement Supplement Containing Antidepressant Recalled (Posted: 09/26/2015)
81.High Levels of Mercury and Lead Found in Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements (Posted: 09/18/2015)
82.Weight And Enhancement Supplement Recall Expanded (Posted: 09/16/2015)
83.Thirteen Manufacturers Ordered to Stop Selling Devil's Claw Supplements (Posted: 09/11/2015)
84.Powdered Caffeine Risky, FDA Warns (Posted: 09/05/2015)
85.Maker of Multivitamin and Fish Oil Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 09/05/2015)
86.Weight and Enhancement Supplements Recalled (Posted: 08/30/2015)
87.Soylent Meal Replacement Powder Reported to Contain Lead and Cadmium (Posted: 08/19/2015)
88.Weight Supplement Found to Contain Three Drugs (Posted: 07/25/2015)
89.Marketers of Memory Supplement to Pay $1.4 Million to Settle FTC Charges (Posted: 07/12/2015)
90.Maker of Arthritis Supplement Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims (Posted: 07/02/2015)
91.Amberen Weight Loss Claims Not Supported by Evidence, Says FTC (Posted: 05/13/2015)
92.Teen Use of Weight Loss and Workout Supplements Labeled "For Adult Use Only" Concerning (Posted: 04/29/2015)
93.FDA Identifies More Products Listing Synthetic Amphetamine (Posted: 04/26/2015)
94.FDA Finds Problems at 62% of Supplement Manufacturing Sites in U.S. and Abroad (Posted: 03/30/2015)
95.Problems Found with New Zealand Fish Oil Supplements, Concerns Raised About Testing Methods (Posted: 03/13/2015)
96.Many Dark Chocolate Bars Found to Contain Undeclared Milk (Posted: 02/12/2015)
97.POM Wonderful Claims Were Deceptive, Court Rules (Posted: 02/06/2015)
98.Major Retailers Accused of Selling Adulterated Herbal Supplements (Posted: 02/03/2015)
99.Maker of Soy and Zinc Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 01/31/2015)
100.Supplement Maker Ordered to Stop Selling Products (Posted: 01/21/2015)
101.Maker of Magnesium and Potassium Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 01/17/2015)
102.CVS Sued for Eye Health Supplement Claims (Posted: 01/16/2015)
103.Seller of Speech Disorder Supplement Agrees to Settle FTC Charges of Deceptive Claims (Posted: 01/13/2015)
104.FDA Warns of Weight Loss Supplement Dangers (Posted: 01/06/2015)
105.Sexual Enhancement Supplement Recalled (Posted: 01/04/2015)
106.Company Recalls Second Weight Loss Supplement (Posted: 12/20/2014)
107.Weight Loss Supplement Recalled (Posted: 12/20/2014)
108.Seller of B-12, Zinc, Echinacea and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 12/12/2014)
109.Glucosamine Class-Action Settlement Reversed by Appeals Court (Posted: 12/02/2014)
110.Weight Loss Supplements Recalled (Posted: 11/21/2014)
111.Seller of "Cleanse," Allergy Supplements and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims (Posted: 10/31/2014)
112.Supplement Maker Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 10/30/2014)
113.Shark Cartilage Supplement Recalled (Posted: 10/24/2014)
114.Supplements Recalled Years Ago Remain on the Market, Still Contain Hidden Drugs (Posted: 10/22/2014)
115.Chinese Flu Product Poses Lead Poisoning Risk (Posted: 09/27/2014)
116.Seller Warned for Promoting Essential Oils to Treat Flu, MRSA, Measles and More (Posted: 09/26/2014)
117.Sellers of Essential Oils Warned for Claiming to Treat Ebola, Other Diseases (Posted: 09/26/2014)
118.Maker of Joint and Weight Products Warned for Hidden Drugs, Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 09/23/2014)
119.Marketer Banned From Selling Weight Loss Products (Posted: 09/13/2014)
120.Supplement Maker Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 08/26/2014)
121.Maker of Herbal Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 08/26/2014)
122."Superfood" Greens Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (Posted: 08/04/2014)
123.FTC Says Company Made "Outrageous" Weight Loss Claims (Posted: 07/26/2014)
124.Powdered Caffeine Can Be Lethal, FDA Warns (Posted: 07/19/2014)
125.Pinnacle Labs International Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 07/15/2014)
126.Vita Springs Health Warned for Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 07/15/2014)
127.Red Yeast Rice Product Recalled (Posted: 06/25/2014)
128.Seller of Flaxseed, Ginkgo and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 05/06/2014)
129.Weight Loss Supplement Recalled (Posted: 05/01/2014)
130.Seller of Aloe, Thyroid and Other Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 04/16/2014)
131.Weight Loss Supplements Found To Contain Prescription Antidepressant and Other Drugs (Posted: 04/16/2014)
132.Maker of Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Loss Supplement Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 04/03/2014)
133.Maker of Herbal Capsules and Extracts Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 03/19/2014)
134.Weight Loss Supplement Recalled (Posted: 12/26/2013)
135.Muscle Growth Supplement Linked with Liver Failure (Posted: 12/24/2013)
136.Seller of Sexual Enhancement Supplement and Tea Drink Warned for Drug Ingredients and Drug Claims (Posted: 12/19/2013)
137.Weight Loss Capsules Recalled Due Allergen Risk (Posted: 12/16/2013)
138.Maker of Menopause Blend and Other Supplement Ingredients Warned by FDA of Violations (Posted: 12/13/2013)
139."Diuretic" Weight Loss Supplement Recalled (Posted: 11/30/2013)
140.Weight Loss Supplement Recalled (Posted: 11/21/2013)
141.FDA Warns of Five More Weight Loss Supplements Containing Undeclared Drugs (Posted: 11/21/2013)
142.Two Sexual Enhancement Supplements Found To Contain Undeclared Drugs (Posted: 11/20/2013)
143.Another Meth-Like Compound Discovered In Weight Loss Supplements (Posted: 11/20/2013)
144.OxyElite Pro Recall Expanded (Posted: 11/20/2013)
145.Another Sexual Enhancement Supplement Recalled Due To Undeclared Drugs (Posted: 11/20/2013)
146.Three Sexual Enhancement Supplements Recalled (Posted: 11/20/2013)
147.Workout Supplement OxyElite Pro Recalled After Being Linked to Serious Liver Illness (Posted: 11/11/2013)
148.Protein Shakes Containing Prescription Drug Pose Serious Health Risk (Posted: 11/01/2013)
149.Methamphetamine-Like Compound Found In Popular Workout Supplement (Posted: 10/16/2013)
150.Prebiotic and Digestive Enzyme Supplement Recalled Due To Drug Risk (Posted: 10/11/2013)
151.Six Weight Loss Supplements Found to Contain Drugs (Posted: 10/10/2013)
152.FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use OxyElite Pro As It Investigates Link With Hepatitis (Posted: 10/09/2013)
153.Three Sexual Enhancement Supplements Containing Undeclared Drug Recalled (Posted: 10/01/2013)
154.CoQ10 and Carnitine Supplement Company Warned For Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 09/10/2013)
155.Maker of Sexual Enhancement Supplement Warned for Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 08/28/2013)
156.FTC Refunds Consumers of Children's Vitamins as Part of Deceptive Advertising Settlement (Posted: 08/27/2013)
157.Sexual Enhancement Supplement Containing Undeclared Drugs Recalled (Posted: 08/23/2013)
158.UK Warns Against a Weight Loss Supplement Still Available to Americans (Posted: 08/22/2013)
159.Ginkgo, Milk Thistle, Cleanse and Nopal Supplement Maker Warned For Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims (Posted: 08/16/2013)
160.Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Multimineral Supplements Recalled Due To Anabolic Steroid Risk (Posted: 08/02/2013)
161.Sexual Enhancement Supplements Containing Undeclared Drugs Recalled (Posted: 07/22/2013)
162.Seller of Vision Supplement Warned For Drug Claims (Posted: 07/05/2013)
163.Teas Recalled Due To Potential Botulism Contamination (Posted: 07/01/2013)
164.Weight Loss Supplements Recalled Due To Undeclared Drug (Posted: 06/30/2013)
165.Glucosamine Legal Settlement Over Labeling -- Many Products Covered (Posted: 06/20/2013)
166.Weight Loss Supplements Found To Contain Undeclared Drugs, FDA Warns (Posted: 06/19/2013)
167.Protein And Nutrition Bars Recalled Due To Undeclared Milk Allergen (Posted: 06/14/2013)
168.Weight Loss Supplement Recalled Due To Undeclared Drugs (Posted: 06/12/2013)
169.Nutrition Bars Recalled Due To Undeclared Milk Allergen (Posted: 06/07/2013)
170.Maker of Colloidal Silver and Mushroom Extract Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 06/07/2013)
171.70% of Dietary Supplement Company FDA Inspections Find Potential Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 05/25/2013)
172.Maker of Omega-3, Saw Palmetto, St. John’s Wort Supplements And More Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 05/03/2013)
173.Cardio, Energy and Sexual Enhancement Supplement Distributor Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 04/18/2013)
174.Chinese Herbal Manufacturer Warned For CGMP Violations (Posted: 04/11/2013)
175.Probiotic Recalled Due To Undeclared Soy (Posted: 03/21/2013)
176.Maker of Liquid Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (Posted: 03/15/2013)
177.Liquid Supplements Not Properly Manufactured Despite Certification (Posted: 03/13/2013)
178.Recall: Male Sexual Enhancement Supplement Containing Drugs (Posted: 03/13/2013)
179.Maker of Joint, Mood and B Vitamin Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations, Misbranding and Drug Claims (Posted: 02/28/2013)
180.Nutrition Drink Recalled Due To Bacterial Contamination (Posted: 02/21/2013)
181.FDA and FTC Warn: Supplements Cannot Prevent, Treat Or Cure Cold And Flu (Posted: 02/21/2013)
182.Recall: Arthritis and Muscle Pain Supplement Contains Prescription Drugs (Posted: 02/20/2013)
183.FDA Warns USPLabs For Adulteration and Drug Claims (Posted: 02/20/2013)
184.Maker of Antioxidant and Anti-Aging Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 02/14/2013)
185.Ingredient Supplier Warned For Meal Replacement Product Misbranding and Adulteration (Posted: 02/06/2013)
186.DMAA Supplement Linked to Runner's Death (Posted: 02/01/2013)
187.Recall: Male Sexual Enhancement Supplement Found to Contain Prescription Drug (Posted: 01/28/2013)
188.Recall: Iron Supplement Containing Motion Sickness Drug (Posted: 01/18/2013)
189.FDA Reports Arsenic in Rice Products -- Particularly Brown Rice (Posted: 09/19/2012)
190.FDA Warns Sports Nutrition Manufacturer of GMP Violations (Posted: 08/09/2012)
191.FDA Warns Two Supplement Makers of Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 08/02/2012)
192.Baby Supplement Recalled Due To Salmonella Risk (Posted: 07/24/2012)
193.Children's Probiotics Recalled Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination (Posted: 07/10/2012)
194.Coconut Water Recalled in Hawaii (Posted: 07/03/2012)
195.Recall of Digestive Health Supplement Due to Salmonella Concern (Posted: 06/07/2012)
196.Many "Grapefruit Seed Extracts" Adulterated (Posted: 06/05/2012)
197.FDA Warning on Supplement for Pain Relief (Posted: 06/04/2012)
198.Seller of Cancer Cures Warned by FDA (Posted: 03/03/2012)
199.Recall of Calcium-Vitamin D Product That's Actually Glucosamine -- Allergy Alert (Posted: 01/17/2012)
200.Acai Berry Pill Marketers to Pay $1.5 Million to Settle FTC Charges (Posted: 01/10/2012)
201.HCG Diet Products Don't Work and Are Illegal Says FDA (Posted: 12/08/2011)
202.FTC Stops Operator of Fake News Sites Offering Acai and Colon Cleanse Products (Posted: 12/06/2011)
203.FDA Seeks Permanent Injunction Against Dietary Supplement Maker -- 400+ Products Affected (Posted: 11/27/2011)
204.Hoodia Marketers Fined and Banned from Business (Posted: 11/03/2011)
205.FDA Warns Herbal Nitro of Manufacturing Violations (Posted: 10/05/2011)
206.Recall of Prenatal Supplement Due to Egg Allergen (Posted: 09/01/2011)
207.FDA Inspection Finds Manufacturing Problems with Several Supplements Including Women's Multivitamin (Posted: 07/15/2011)
208.FTC Attacks Massive Online Fraud Regarding "Free Trials" of Supplements and Health Products (Posted: 06/18/2011)
209.FTC Targets Fake News Sites Making Deceptive Acai Claims (Posted: 04/21/2011)
210.More Protein Supplements Recalled for Salmonella Risk (Posted: 03/30/2011)
211.Recall of "Raw" Vitamin C Supplement Containing Soy (Posted: 03/04/2011)
212.Weight Supplement Found by FDA to Contain Prescription Drug (Posted: 02/25/2011)
213.Weight Loss Supplement Containing a Drug Can Cause Serious Adverse Events, Warns FDA (Posted: 01/04/2011)
214.Misleading Claims by "One a Day Men's" Products Result in $3.3 Million Settlement (Posted: 11/09/2010)
215.FTC Charges Deceptive Advertising by POM Wonderful (Posted: 09/27/2010)
216.Supplement for "Increasing Desire" Recalled for Containing Drug (Posted: 09/13/2010)
217.Government Finds Fraud in Personalized Supplements Sold with Genetic Tests (Posted: 08/13/2010)
218.Supplement Company Pays $5.5 Million to Settle False Advertising Claims (Posted: 07/15/2010)
219.Pet Vitamin Recalled for Salmonella Risk (Posted: 06/22/2010)
220.FDA Warns Consumers to Avoid Breath Supplement Contaminated with Lead (Posted: 05/03/2010)
221.Vitamin D Overload in Supplement Sickens Users (Posted: 04/29/2010)
222.Capsule for Men Spiked with Erectile Drug (Posted: 04/08/2010)
223.Nationwide Recall of Masxtreme Capsules Containing Drugs with Cardiovascular Side Effects (Posted: 04/07/2010)
224.Recall of Body Building Supplements Containing Steroids (Posted: 01/16/2010)
225.Steroids Found in More Body Building Supplements (Posted: 11/17/2009)
226.FDA Warns that "Stiff Nights" Enhancement Supplement Contains Undeclared Drug (Posted: 11/06/2009)
227.Recall of 65 Dietary Supplements That May Contain Steroids (Posted: 11/03/2009)
228.FDA Raids Online Retailer for Supplements with Steroids (Posted: 10/02/2009)
229.Hepatitis Associated with Herbal Supplement Containing Artemisinin (Posted: 08/25/2009)
230.Weight Loss Supplements Found to Contain Prescription Drug (Posted: 07/23/2009)
231.Recall of Whey Protein Products Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination (Posted: 07/09/2009)
232.Sexual Enhancement Supplement Recalled -- Second Time Found with Drug-like Compound (Posted: 06/15/2009)
233.Body-Building Supplements Confiscated by FDA for Adulteration (Posted: 05/13/2009)
234.FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut -- Product Being Tested by (Posted: 05/01/2009)
235.QVC Settles Charges of False Claims for Supplements (Posted: 03/19/2009)
236."The Truth About Nutrition" Marketers Agree to Pay $3 Million to Settle Charges of Deceptive Advertising of Dietary Supplements and Devices (Posted: 03/06/2009)
237.Possible Risk Rather than Benefit Found in Trial of Vitamin E and Selenium for Prostate Cancer (Posted: 10/30/2008)
238.Airborne to Pay $30 Million for Deceptive Advertising of Cold Remedy -- Refunds Available (Posted: 08/14/2008)
239.Recall of Viapro Capsules Due to Potentially Harmful Ingredient (Posted: 07/30/2008)
240.FDA Warns Groups to Stop Selling Fake Cancer 'Cures' (Posted: 06/19/2008)
241.Selenium Toxicity from a Supplement (Posted: 06/03/2008)
242.Recall of Virility Supplement (Posted: 05/29/2008)
243.Federal Agents Seize Nearly $1.3 Million of Illegal Dietary Supplements (Posted: 04/07/2008)
244.Two Supplements Recalled for Containing Viagra-like Compounds (Posted: 03/04/2008)
245.Encore Tabs Recalled -- Contain Prescription Drug (Posted: 11/26/2007)
246.Recall of Contaminated Baby Supplement (Posted: 09/25/2007)
247.Marketers of Bogus Growth Hormone Sprays Settle with FTC (Posted: 06/14/2007)
248.FDA Warns of Two Supplements Containing Pharmaceutical-like Compounds (Posted: 05/10/2007)
249.Canada Warns of Weight Loss Supplement with Rx Drug (Posted: 03/19/2007)
250.FTC Files Against Maker of Calcium and Fertility Supplements (Posted: 03/08/2007)
251.Sellers of Popular Weight Loss Supplements Pay $25 Million Over FTC Allegations of Deceptive Advertising (Posted: 01/04/2007)
252.Canada Advises Consumers Not To Use Adulterated Sleep Supplement (Posted: 08/31/2006)
253.Marketers of Diabetes Supplement Banned From Claiming Products Treat or Cure Diseases (Posted: 08/16/2006)
254.New Zealand Warns of Liver Toxicity from Black Cohosh (Posted: 02/15/2006)
255.Another Ginkgo Supplement Recalled (Posted: 01/20/2006)
256.FDA Warns Consumers about Brazilian Diet Pills Found to Contain Active Drug Ingredients (Posted: 01/17/2006)
257.Ginkgo Supplements Recalled (Posted: 12/31/2005)
258.Health Canada Warns Consumers Not to Take Chaparral (Posted: 12/22/2005)
259.Steroids Detected In Supplement (Posted: 12/02/2005)
260.Deceptive Marketing of “Supreme Greens" -- Settlement with FTC (Posted: 10/06/2005)
261.FTC Continues Litigation Against Makers of CortiSlim and CortiStress Supplements (Posted: 09/23/2005)
262.Weight Loss Pill Marketer in Settlement with New Jersey Attorney General (Posted: 09/15/2005)
263.FDA Issues Nationwide Alert for "Liqiang 4" Due to Potential Health Risk (Posted: 07/01/2005)
264.Seller of "Ocular Nutrition" Supplement Settles FTC Charges (Posted: 05/20/2005)
265.Seller of Eye Supplement Purporting to Restore Vision and Eliminate "Floaters" Settles FTC Charges (Posted: 02/19/2005)
266.Supplement Maker to Pay over $3.5 Million to Settle Deceptive Advertising Charges for Immune Dietary Supplement (Posted: 01/18/2005)
267.Heavy Metals Found in Some Ayurvedic Medicines (Posted: 12/17/2004)
268.False Claims Made by Marketer of Cortisol-related Weight-Loss Supplements According to FTC (Posted: 10/06/2004)
269.Two Makers of Weight Loss and Sex Enhancement Supplements Stopped From Making Unsubstantiated Claims (Posted: 08/31/2004)
270.FTC Sues Florida Man for Illegal Spam and False “Human Growth Hormone” Product Claims (Posted: 07/30/2004)
271.FTC Challenges Deceptive Weight Loss Claims for Supplement Targeted at Hispanics (Posted: 06/17/2004)
272.Marketers of “Focus Factor” and “V-Factor” Fined for Advertising Claims (Posted: 03/17/2004)
273.Court Closes the Doors on Company That Sold Weight Loss Supplement (Posted: 10/24/2003)
274.Government Stops Sale of Supplements Claiming to Treat Obesity and Impotence (Posted: 10/10/2003)
275.FDA Warns of Illness from Star Anise Teas (Posted: 09/17/2003)
276.FTC Stops False Advertising of Heavily Promoted Supplements for Breast Enhancment, Male Virility, and Snoring (Posted: 07/21/2003)
277.Direct Marketers of Weight Loss, Impotence, and Arthritis Supplements Charged with Deceptive Claims (Posted: 07/01/2003)
278.Warning and Recall for "Herbal" Sexual Enhancement Supplement in Canada Illegally Containing Pharmaceutical Compound (Posted: 05/28/2003)
279.FTC Challenges Claims of Five Supplements to Treat or Cure Serious Diseases (Posted: 05/28/2003)
280.Rexall Agrees to Pay up to $12 million to Users of Misleading Cellulite Supplement (Posted: 03/11/2003)
281.U.S. Warns of Ephedra Risks and Proposes Warning Label for Supplements (Posted: 03/04/2003)
282.FTC Charges Dr. Clark and Related Companies with Making Unsubstantiated Health Claims (Posted: 01/27/2003)
283.FTC Challenges Weight-loss Claims for Slim Down Solution (Posted: 01/24/2003)
284.Recall of Dalyvite Liquid Multivitamin (Posted: 06/30/2002)
285.Canadian Warning on Use of Bejai Bowyantan for Infants (Posted: 06/20/2002)
286.Recall Update for Portagen Iron Fortified Nutrition Powder (Posted: 05/24/2002)
287.Canada Requests Recall of Certain Ephedra/Ephedrine Products (Posted: 01/11/2002)
288.Liver Toxicity with Kava (Posted: 01/07/2002)

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 11/15/ Finds Arsenic in Testing of Potassium Supplements -- Safer Choices Identified. Many Americans May Need More Potassium
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 07/29/ Discovers Problems with Most Multivitamins for Dogs and Cats
 07/26/201636% of Meal Replacement Powders and Shakes Fail's Tests of Quality
 06/15/201628% of Protein Powders and Drinks Fail's Tests of Quality
 06/03/2016What Works for Joint Health? Reviews Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Boswellia Supplements for People and Pets
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2015 12/17/ Focuses on Vision Supplements, Spotting the Best and the Worst
 11/06/2015Some Surprising Results from Tests of 43 Probiotic Supplements and Kefir Drinks
 10/14/2015Is Matcha a Better Form of Green Tea? Answers the Question
 09/19/ Tests Popular Prostate Supplements with Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol
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 07/31/ Tests Reveal What's Really in Menopause Supplements and Creams -- Soy Isoflavone, Red Clover, Black Cohosh, and Progesterone Products Reviewed
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 06/10/ Tests Reveal Best and Worst Magnesium Supplements
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 03/05/ Shows Chinese Consumers What's Really in Foods and Supplements -- U.S. Testing Company Expands to China, Launches
 02/25/2015Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2015 Based on Consumer Satisfaction -- Results of the Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users
 02/19/2015Only 50% of Aloe Products Pass Tests
 01/06/2015Only 25% of Ashwagandha Supplements Pass Review
2014 12/10/ Identifies Best Zinc Products for Colds, Eyes, and Zinc Deficiency -- Popular Zinc Supplements and Lozenges Tested and Compared
 12/09/2014Round-up of Recent Product Tests by -- Results for B Vitamin Supplements & Energy Drinks, Garlic, NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), Iron and Omega-7 Fatty Acids
 08/20/2014Some Red Yeast Rice Supplements Up to 500X Stronger Than Others -- Popular Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements Tested and Compared
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 01/15/2014Problems Found with the Quality and Labeling of Some "Muscle Enhancement" Supplements -- Review of Creatine and Branched-chain Amino Acid Supplements Published by
2013 12/16/2013What's Really in Turmeric Supplements and Spices? You May Not Want to Know -- 33% of Turmeric/Curcumin Supplements Fail's Review; Filth Found in Spices
 12/06/2013Retesting Confirms Lack of Ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia Supplement
 11/25/2013Many Probiotic Supplements Fall Short on Listed Amounts of Helpful Organisms
 11/19/2013Some Popular Weight Loss Supplements Contain as Little as 16% of Listed Ingredient, According to
 10/23/2013Valerian “Sleep” Supplements Vary Widely in Key Compounds and Two Fail Tests for Lead Contamination
 10/08/ Reports Problems and “Top Picks” Among Bars for Energy, Fiber, Protein, Meal-Replacement, and Whole Food
 09/19/2013What's Really in Resveratrol Supplements? Some Contain Little Resveratrol or Do Not Meet Quality Standards According to
 08/21/2013Labels on Potassium Supplements May Confuse, But Product Quality is High According to
 07/31/2013Watch Out for Fake Bilberry Supplements, Cautions
 07/08/2013Contamination a Common Problem in "Greens" and "Whole Foods" Products According to
 05/21/2013 Green Teas Vary in Strength and Amount of Lead Contamination, According to
 03/05/2013CoQ10 & Ubiquinol Supplements Should Be Chosen Carefully, Cautions -- Less Than 4% of Listed Ingredient Found in Widely-Sold Product
 02/11/ Reports Problems with Some Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements -- Wrong Amounts of Vitamin D, Pills Which Don’t Break Apart, and Lead Contamination Found
 02/01/2013Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2013 Based on Consumer Satisfaction
 01/31/2013Use of CoQ10, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics and B Vitamins on the Rise According to Survey
 01/14/2013Lycopene Supplements Vary in Quality and Price According to
2012 12/21/2012 Tests Reveal What's Really In Green Tea Supplements and Bottled Drinks
 11/26/2012Tests Show Many Milk Thistle Supplements Low in Key Component -- Seven of Eleven Products Fail Testing of Herb Used in Diabetes and Liver Diseases
 11/06/201250% of Green Coffee Bean Supplements Don't Contain Expected Amounts of Ingredient for Weight Loss, According to
 10/17/ Tests and Compares Vision Supplements - Guides Consumers Through a Variety of Ingredients and Formulas
 09/27/ Reveals How Much Caffeine is in Energy Drinks -- Also Finds Some Drinks and Dietary Supplements Don't Contain Claimed Amounts of B Vitamins
 08/31/ tests selenium supplements -- Finds one with less than 25% of listed amount
 08/22/2012Contamination and Other Problems Found in Fish Oil Supplements -- Large Review by Reveals Excessive PCBs or Mislabeling in Over 30% of Omega-3 Supplements
 06/18/2012What is "Natural" Vitamin E? It Depends On the Brand Selling It, Finds -- New Review of Vitamin E Supplements, Oil and Cream, Including Tocopherols and Tocotrienols
 05/30/ Identifies Best and Worst Magnesium Supplements Based on Tests and Comparisons
 05/08/2012Lead Contamination and Mislabeling in Joint Health Supplements with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM According to
 04/26/ reviews prostate supplements with saw palmetto and/or beta-sitosterol and finds few likely to be effective
 03/12/2012Review of vitamin C supplements by finds many of high quality but a wide range in prices
 02/09/2012Probiotics grow in popularity but don't always deliver on promises says -- New report provides guidance to consumers
 02/05/2012Fish oil and multivitamins most popular supplements in survey -- Internet most popular place to shop
 02/01/2012Top-rated vitamin and supplement brands and merchants on consumer satisfaction for 2012 -- Based on Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users
 01/17/2012Do African mango supplements help with weight loss? investigates the evidence
2011 12/20/2011Choose zinc supplements carefully -- finds only some have dosage proven to shorten colds, reduce eye disease
 11/29/ identifies many quality melatonin sleep supplements, but prices range from 4 cents to over $1 for the same dose
 10/31/2011Supplements for lactose intolerance vary in strength and cost, and some offer no benefit, according to
 10/13/201130% of SAM-e supplements selected for review fail to pass testing -- Cost of SAM-e found to vary 5-fold
 09/21/2011Not all vitamin A supplements pass tests -- New report reviews beta-carotene and cod liver oil supplements
 08/31/ analyzes supplements for sexual dysfunction -- Only three out of ten products selected for testing pass
 08/04/2011Some coconut waters don't deliver on promises according to
 07/12/ tests menopause supplements and creams: Most are "Approved," but some found contaminated or lacking claimed amount of ingredient
 06/16/ puts multivitamins to the test
 05/23/2011Red yeast rice supplements weaker now than in 2008; Wide variation among brands and contamination discovered by -- Popular cholesterol-lowering supplements tested and compared
 04/26/2011Problems discovered with eight vitamin D supplements in study by -- Incorrect amounts of vitamins, lead contamination, and labeling infractions identified.
 03/30/ finds 100-fold variation in cost of iron supplements
 03/08/ reviews CoQ10 and ubiquinol supplements -- Tests show quality to be high, but large differences found in dosage, formulation, and cost
 02/01/2011Top-rated vitamin and supplement brands and merchants on consumer satisfaction for 2011 -- Based on survey of vitamin and supplement users 
 01/31/2011Vitamin D use increased 52% in past two years according to survey of supplement users -- Fish oil continued to surpass multivitamins as most popular supplement and Internet was most common place to buy supplements
 01/25/ evaluates quality of potassium supplements and identifies those offering best value
 01/11/2011Spoilage and labeling errors found with some omega-3 and -6 supplements; Review of evening primrose, flaxseed, borage, and black currant oil supplements
2010 12/14/2010DHEA supplements, touted for anti-aging and strength, reviewed by  Testing finds one brand with only 14.7% of labeled amount 
 12/02/ Finds Lower-priced Resveratrol Supplements Pass Tests While Some Higher-priced brands flunk
 11/24/ faults AHPA trade group for misrepresenting quality of valerian supplements
 11/10/2010Only 22% of valerian herbal sleep supplements selected for review pass tests for quality by
 10/26/ reports deficiencies in some B-complex supplements and more caffeine than expected in "shot-sized" B vitamin "energy" drinks
 09/28/ finds quality problems with nearly 30% of fish oil supplements reviewed; "Fishy" claims identified -- Softgels and liquids for adults, children and pets tested, including krill oil and algal oil supplements 
 08/16/2010Problems persist with ginseng supplements -- Review by finds 45% of products don't provide full amount of ingredient or are contaminated
 07/21/2010Tests of "muscle enhancement" supplements show quality problems with some creatine and branched-chain amino acid products -- Review of Muscle Enhancement Supplements published by
 06/30/2010Echinacea supplements vary widely in ingredients but found clear of contaminants according to -- New review guides consumers through wide range of dosage, species, preparations, and formulas in echinacea products
 06/09/ tests "greens" and "whole foods" products; Most offer healthful nutrients, but some found contaminated with heavy metals
 04/14/ reports most St. John's wort supplements fail quality tests -- An effective antidepressant herb but heavy metal contamination and low potency are concerns
 03/25/2010Cholesterol-lowering supplements reviewed by Many pass quality testing, one fails. Sterol and policosanol products analyzed.  Evidence for other cholesterol-lowering ingredients evaluated
 03/02/ finds carcinogenic form of chromium in supplements, including those for weight loss -- Reviews published of supplements containing chromium, green tea, 7-keto DHEA and stimulant formulas
 02/01/2010Top-rated supplement brands and merchants for consumer satisfaction for 2010; Based on Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users
 01/31/2010Fish oil becomes most popular dietary supplement in survey; Vitamin D and resveratrol use surge
 01/20/ finds quality of most CLA supplements for slimming to be high; One brand mislabeled -- Report is first published in series on supplements for weight loss and slimming
2009 12/02/2009Tests show many milk thistle supplements low in key component -- Nine of ten products fail testing of herb used in diabetes and liver diseases
 11/16/ finds many probiotics don't deliver listed ingredients
 09/15/ finds many prostate supplements have correct ingredients, but four fail review -- New report on 19 saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol supplements
 08/25/ tests quality of acai berry supplements and beverages -- No contamination found but health benefits remain unproven.  Caution urged with laxative formulas and billing schemes.
 08/04/2009Most vitamin E supplements pass testing, but what seems natural may be synthetic according to -- New review of vitamin E supplements, oils, and creams released today
 07/10/2009Nine joint health supplements fail quality review -- Lead contamination, missing ingredients and other problems found in supplements for people as well as for dogs, cats and horses; Many others approved
 05/19/2009Review of Magnesium Supplements by Shows One-Quarter Fail Quality Tests
 04/28/200940% of Green Tea and Selenium Products Fail Review of Cancer-Prevention Supplements; Lycopene Supplements Pass
 03/31/ Warns of Problems with Multivitamins and Vitamin Water -- Defects Found in Over 30% of Supplements Selected for Testing; Several Popular Children's Multis Exceed Tolerable Limits
 03/10/ reports deficiencies in some supplements containing calcium, vitamin D, or vitamin K -- Focus on bone health supplements and new uses for vitamins D and K
 02/03/2009Survey shows fish oil nearly as popular as multivitamins among supplement users.  Most also take calcium and CoQ10 -- publishes 2009 Report on Vitamin & Supplement Users, including top-rated brands and merchants. 
 01/13/ reports largest test of CoQ10 and ubiquinol supplements -- Most supplements provide claimed ingredient, but large variation in dosage and forms may confuse consumers. provides guidance.
2008 12/09/2008Tests of zinc supplements by show only some provide dosage proven to shorten colds, reduce eye disease.  Lead contamination found in one product.
 12/08/ asks USP to adopt safer lead limit for drugs and supplements.  Warns that lead contamination may worsen if USP accepts currently proposed allowance.
 11/18/2008Adulteration Suspected with Some "Memory" Supplements -- Few Ginkgo and Huperzine Supplements Pass Tests; Quality High for Acetyl-L-Carnitine
 10/28/2008Tests reveal quality problems with vitamin A supplements -- New report focuses on vitamin A, including beta-carotene and cod liver oil
 09/17/'s tests of menopause supplements reveal wide range in strength and quality; mislabeling and contamination discovered -- Soy and red clover isoflavones, black cohosh, and progesterone products tested
 08/12/ finds improvements in labeling of nutrition bars but potential pitfalls exist -- New report compares 20 bars, including those for protein, fiber, energy and whole food
 08/05/ Find Fifty Fish Oil Supplements Pass Quality Testing -- New Report Helps Consumers Choose Among Pills, Liquids, Foods and Beverages with Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA)
 05/05/2008Some iron supplements short on iron or contaminated according to
 03/17/2008As problems surface, and the people's pharmacy ask FDA to disclose differences between generic and original drugs
 03/07/ finds most vitamin C supplements pass quality tests but one short on ingredient and some exceed tolerable levels
 02/06/2008Consumers warned of lead in some turmeric supplements — Highest lead level ever reported by; Lack of active compound also a problem
 01/23/ announces brands and merchants rated highest by dietary supplement consumers
 01/08/ finds most potassium supplements meet quality standards, but one with only 18% of ingredient — Results for 12 potassium supplements in new review
2007 12/10/ finds improvement in quality of omega-3 and -6 supplements — Results for 22 products made from evening primrose, flaxseed, borage and black currant oils
 11/13/ finds some "red wine" supplements deliver less resveratrol than expected; Wide range in dose and price
 10/30/2007Recently tested magnesium supplements free of lead, but one product missing most of its ingredient according to — First Major Product Review of Potential "Life-Extending" Ingredient
 10/12/ finds generic antidepressant behaves differently from original drug. May explain complaints by patients. — Generic drug equality questioned
 09/10/2007Tests of B-vitamins by finds several short on folic acid — New report covers B-complexes, thiamin, niacin, B-6, B-12, biotin and folic acid supplements
 07/12/ finds lutein & zeaxanthin supplements vary widely in strength but most meet ingredient claims — Right amount of antioxidant may help prevent macular degeneration and improve vision
 06/12/2007Tests show many milk thistle supplements low in key component — Seven products fail testing of herb used in diabetes and liver diseases
 05/15/ finds some alpha lipoic acid supplements come up short — Improper formulation may cause ingredient degradation
 04/24/ reports improvement in quality of SAM-e supplements used for osteoarthritis and depression — Recent testing shows quality is up since studies in 2000 and 2003
 04/11/2007Many arthritis supplements lack key listed ingredient — finds chondroitin missing or low in eight supplements; Glucosamine and MSM also tested
 02/14/ reports on anti-depressant herb — St. John's Wort — Few supplements pass quality testing
 01/19/2007Consumers warned of problems with multivitamins — uncovers defects in over half of products tested
2006 12/12/2006Probiotic supplements grow in popularity but viable bacteria missing in many — cautions consumers to select probiotics carefully and store them properly
 11/13/2006Tests of "muscle" supplements finds some "weak" products but most contain expected creatine, HMB, or amino acids — Review of muscular enhancement supplements published by
 10/10/2006Care advised with natural cold remedies: finds few products with proper quality and directions — offers advice from tests of echinacea, garlic, ginseng, vitamin C, and zinc supplements
 09/19/2006DHEA supplements, touted for anti-aging and strength, reviewed by — Testing finds one brand with 215% of the labeled amount
 08/15/2006Over 70% of herbal sleep supplements fail tests for quality by — Results for 16 valerian products released today
 06/22/2006What's in a garlic supplement? Consumerlab finds few brands have it right and many mislead
 05/24/2006Problems persist with ginseng supplements — finds nearly half of products lack ingredient or contaminated
 05/18/2006Court denies vitamin trade group's motion to stop defamation suit brought by
 04/26/ tests cancer-prevention supplements; several contaminated with lead or low in ingredient
— Report available for green tea, selenium, and lycopene supplements
 03/13/ reports on supplements for bone health containing calcium and vitamin D— Results posted for 32 supplements for adults and children; One found contaminated with lead
 02/06/ finds most prostate supplements have correct ingredients, but three fail testing — Results posted for 22 supplements containing saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol
 01/03/2006Tests of memory enhancing supplements by reveals lead in some ginkgo
2005 12/05/ reaffirms problems with Trimspa X32
 11/15/2005Testing by identifies many problems with popular supplements for weight loss, slimming, and blood sugar control
 08/31/ testing of alpha lipoic acid supplements from Japan finds no ingredient in one product; Most others meet claims — Japanese consumers urged to research product quality
 07/12/ finds some supplements lower in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than claimed — Report available for 23 products made from oils of black currant, borage, evening primrose and flax
 06/20/2005Quality problems widespread among ginseng products sold in Japan. — Nearly two-thirds of products fail testing due to pesticide contamination and missing or substandard ingredients
 06/15/2005Two magnesium supplements fail testing due to lead contamination. Nineteen others pass. Report now available.
 05/10/ begins publishing test reports on Japanese vitamins and supplements — Review of CoQ10 products Now Available Online in Japanese at More Reports Scheduled
 04/27/ finds quality of most nutrition powders and drinks high, but identifies five protein powders with excess sodium or cholesterol — Report Now Available Online
 03/30/ finds most B-vitamins of high quality but three lacking in ingredients — Test Results for 41 Products Reported Along with Information on Use
 03/15/2005FTC dismisses complaint by vitamin trade group against
 03/14/ reports on vitamin C supplements — Test Results for 29 Products Reported Along with Information on Use
 02/08/ reports on nutrition bars — Highlights major differences, inaccuracies, and urges consumers to "know your bar"
2004 12/20/2004Testing of Alpha-lipoic acid supplements by finds most meet label claims but one with only 15% of ingredient — Antioxidant of potential benefit in diabetes and other conditions
 12/14/ expands testing to Japan — Testing Organization Expands to Help Japanese Consumers Determine Quality of Health and Nutrition Products
 12/14/ finds Omega-3 fish oil supplements safer than fish but quality varies among brands — Test of 41 Supplements Finds No Mercury or PCB Contamination, But Some Spoiled or Lacking Claimed Oils
 07/07/ finds several herbal sleep supplements fail tests for quality — Results for 13 valerian products released today
 05/21/2004Consumers warned of pitfalls with some multivitamins and vitamin waters — Testing by uncovers problems with many brands
 04/27/2004New report on St. John's wort highlights benefits and risks of herbal product for depression
 04/22/ shares insights from 2 years of testing supplements for athletic banned substances — Athletes and manufacturers urged to learn how to avoid problems
 03/18/2004Many echinacea supplements don't meet quality standards according to — Test results of cold-reducing herbal supplements released
 03/02/ survey finds most consumers highly satisfied with supplements; Ratings vary by brand
 01/29/ finds lutein supplements vary widely in strength but most meet ingredient claims — Right amount of antioxidant compound may reduce risk of blindness
 01/13/ finds discrepancies in strength of CoQ10 supplements — Increasingly popular supplement, but health professionals and consumers cautioned to check brands
2003 12/08/ dispels myths about HGH human growth hormone supplements sold widely on Internet
 11/18/ reports improvement in quality of SAM-e supplements used for osteoarthritis and depression — But a high priced product found to contain only 30% of label claim
 11/02/2003Key ingredient missing in some arthritis supplements for people and pets according to — Review of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM supplements published online today
 09/24/ finds new forms of creatine prone to problems — Test results of muscular enhancement supplements published online today
 08/28/2003Some problems persist with ginseng supplements but overall quality improves according to — Test results published online today
 07/31/ finds many cholesterol-lowering supplements poorly made — Test results published online today
 06/10/ finds lead in coral calcium product; Product also charged with false advertising by FTC — Calcium supplement product review published online today
 05/20/2003Consumers advised to read labels carefully when selecting herbal supplements for prostate — Saw palmetto product review published online today
 04/21/2003Low quality ingredient appears widespread among Ginkgo supplements according to; points to challenge for FDA's proposed regulations — Review of memory enhancement supplements released today
 01/21/2003Acidophilus" and other probiotic supplements gain in popularity but live bacteria missing in many — releases review online today
2002 12/30/2002Top quality melatonin products identified by — Hormone supplement used to treat sleep disturbances due to jet travel and other causes
 12/10/2002Lupus patients cautioned about hormone supplement — releases DHEA testing results online today
 10/29/2002Enormous variation found in strength of garlic supplements — most popular herb in U.S. — releases results online today
 09/24/2002Problems found with most sexual enhancement supplements evaluated by — Only 9 of 22 products pass independent review
 08/07/ finds some spoilage and inaccuracy among omega-3 and 6 supplements — List released of evening primrose, flaxseed and other GLA/ALA products that passed testing 
 07/16/ finds lead contamination remains a problem for certain mineral supplements — Lead found in iron, magnesium and, most recently, potassium pills
 07/10/2002Pharmavite dietary supplements receive approval — Vitamin E, SAM-e, St. John's Wort, Ginkgo and others merit approved quality products ranking
 06/25/ reviews radioprotective Iodine pills in response to terrorist threats — Quality of products is high, but local access is poor
 05/15/ lists magnesium products that passed testing — Some products fail due to excess magnesium and lead contamination
 05/05/2002Study finds supplement users avoid prescription drugs due to side effects, not cost — Brands top rated by users also identified in new survey by
 04/03/2002More than one in five weight loss, slimming and/or diabetes supplements fail evaluation — Problems found in chromium and pyruvate products; CLA products fine
 03/06/2002Study finds supplement users avoid prescription drugs due to side effects, not cost — Brands top rated by users also identified in new survey by
 02/08/2002Athletic Banned Substances Screening and Certification Program announced by — Tester of supplements to screen for substances banned in Olympics
 01/08/ finds most B vitamin supplements contain what they claim, but often exceed safe levels — Consumers cautioned to be aware of side effects with high dose products
2001 10/30/2001Sixty percent of nutrition bars fail to meet claims in tests — "Low Carb" bars often loaded with carbohydrates; excess sodium and saturated fat also found
 10/03/2001Most iron supplements pass testing — Lead contamination and insufficient iron found in some
 08/15/2001Problems and ambiguity among alternative estrogen products reported by — Results of soy and red clover isoflavone product testing released online today
 06/04/ reports test results of arthritis supplement — MSM; Quality found higher than for most supplements, but room for improvement remains
 05/07/2001Over forty percent of Echinacea products fail review; Inadequate labeling and missing ingredients found common for popular herbal cold remedy
 04/10/2001Quality of popular herbal anti-depressant found to vary; certain types of St. John's Wort supplements more likely to pass testing
 03/27/ expands testing of health products; success of dietary supplement evaluations leads company into broader nutrition field, beginning with popular nutrition bars
 03/13/ review of vitamin E supplements finds some insufficiencies and need for clearer labeling; test results released online today
 02/14/2001Problems found with multivitamins and multiminerals by
 01/29/2001Some supplements for arthritis may exceed newly released safe intake levels for manganese
2000 11/21/ tests popular supplement for heart failure; CoQ10 test results released online today
 09/06/ finds new calcium products of higher quality than many traditional supplements; Test results released online today
 08/07/ finds that not all creatine supplements meet label claims; Popular sports supplement test results released online
 04/24/ announces first test-based buyer's guide to dietary supplements; Manufacturers encouraged to have products tested for potential inclusion.
 03/07/ finds many arthritis supplements lacking labeled ingredients; Glucosamine and Chondroitin product review published online today.
 01/24/2000Majority of dietary supplements sold in U.S. being tested by in 2000; newest results due January 31 for Saw Palmetto.
1999 12/08/ testing quality of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Saw Palmetto supplements; web site becoming popular reference for consumers
 11/16/1999Only three quarters of Ginkgo Biloba supplements contain proper ingredients. posts first of its dietary supplement product tests.