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1.Muscle Enhancement supplements in Muscle & Workout Supplements Review (Creatine and Branched-chain Amino Acids)  *

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1.Sports and Fitness Support: Enhancing Performance
3.Hydroxymethyl Butyrate (HMB)
5.Sports Supplements, General
6.Sports and Fitness Support: Enhancing Recovery
7.Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
8.Seniors Health
10.Citrulline Answers to Questions Found:
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1.Is there a risk of liver toxicity with certain supplements? 

Clinical Updates Found:
No clinical updates found for Muscle Enhancement

Recalls and Warnings Found:
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1.FDA Warns Distributor of "Testosterone Wellness for Men" (11/22/2017)
2.More Bodybuilding Supplements Recalled (07/12/2017)
3.Bodybuilding Supplements Containing Steroid-Like Substances Recalled (07/10/2017)
4.Beware of Bodybuilding Supplements, FDA Warns (06/20/2017)
5.Muscle Enhancement Supplement Containing Steroid-Like Substances Recalled (05/20/2017)
6.Muscle Enhancement Supplement Recalled (05/08/2017)
7.Seller of Protein and Workout Supplements Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Label Errors (01/07/2017)
8.Muscle Enhancement Supplement Recalled (04/05/2016)
9.Seller of Muscle Supplements and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (09/26/2015)
10.FDA Warns Consumers Not to Buy or Use Muscle Enhancement Supplement (11/14/2014)
11.Energy Drink Recalled Due To Bacterial Contamination (02/15/2013)

News Releases Found:
2014 01/15/2014Problems Found with the Quality and Labeling of Some "Muscle Enhancement" Supplements -- Review of Creatine and Branched-chain Amino Acid Supplements Published by
2010 07/21/2010Tests of "muscle enhancement" supplements show quality problems with some creatine and branched-chain amino acid products -- Review of Muscle Enhancement Supplements published by
2006 11/17/ responds to vitamin industry claim to be "vindicated" in defamation case
 11/13/2006Tests of "muscle" supplements finds some "weak" products but most contain expected creatine, HMB, or amino acids — Review of muscular enhancement supplements published by
 10/20/ report on CoQ10 supplements finds quality high but large range in suggested dosage
 10/10/2006Care advised with natural cold remedies: finds few products with proper quality and directions — offers advice from tests of echinacea, garlic, ginseng, vitamin C, and zinc supplements
 09/19/2006DHEA supplements, touted for anti-aging and strength, reviewed by — Testing finds one brand with 215% of the labeled amount
 08/15/2006Over 70% of herbal sleep supplements fail tests for quality by — Results for 16 valerian products released today
 08/01/ evaluates cholesterol-lowering supplements — Test results available for over 90 products; Review of nine popular ingredients
2003 09/24/ finds new forms of creatine prone to problems — Test results of muscular enhancement supplements published online today


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