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Weight Loss Supplements (7-Keto DHEA, Forskolin and Stimulant Blend Supplements)

Stimulant Supplements

June 15, 2013
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Have you ever wondered what taking a stimulant supplement for weight management or energy might do to your body? Researchers recently gave Zantrex-3, Xenedrine EFX, Metabolift, or a brand of Guarana to young men while monitoring their heart rates and other vital signs, and recording side effects. The results raise concerns. Get the details, plus test results for 14 other supplements, in the updated Weight Supplements Review >>

Raspberry Ketone

February 11, 2012
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Recently touted in the media as a powerful tool for fat reduction, there has been a swell of interest in supplements containing raspberry ketone. Do these supplements really work? Although we have not yet had the time to test these products, we checked the evidence on raspberry ketone and updated our Weight Supplements Review with what we found. If you use raspberry ketone, use it with some caution --and be aware that the quality of supplements can suffer when companies rush to meet a new demand.

Green Tea Extract and Weight Loss

September 24, 2011
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A new study using a high dose of green tea extract showed it to help sedentary overweight men lose weight, while those taking placebo gained weight. This is not the first study to show this potential benefit of green tea extract. The effect may be due to the compound EGCG. Get the facts, including how much EGCG was in the product, in the Weight Loss Supplements Review.  More >>