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Oat Cereals

Oats for Lowering Cholesterol & Improving Gut Health

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Regularly consuming oatmeal may lower cholesterol and promote beneficial changes in gut bacteria in people with mildly elevated cholesterol. Get the details based on a recent study in our Oat Cereals Review.

Also see our article about supplements and foods for lowering cholesterol.

"Whole Grain" Is Not Enough

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Not all "whole grain" products are equal when it comes to minimizing swings in blood sugar, according to a new study. Get the details in the Benefits section of the Oat Cereals Review. Also see our Top Picks among oat cereals.

How Do "Overnight Oats" Affect Blood Sugar?

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We recently reported on the effects of various types of oats on blood sugar. A study by the same researchers has evaluated overnight oats – rolled oats soaked overnight in milk. Find out how overnight oats compare, see the Oat Cereals Review. Also see our Top Picks among oat cereals.

Best Oats for Controlling Blood Sugar?

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A recent study compared the effects on blood sugar and insulin levels of steel-cut oats, old fashioned rolled oats, instant ("quick") oats, and honey nut oat cereal. The surprising results are found in the Oat Cereals Review. Also see our Top Pick for oat cereals.

Fiber Benefits

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Higher fiber intake was associated with a lower risk of many major diseases in a recent study. However, the average American consumes far below the recommended daily intake of fiber. As oats are a good source of fiber, we’ve added details from the new study in the "Benefits" section of the Oat Cereals Review. (Also see our Top Picks oat cereals.)

Cereal Fiber Reduces Risk of Death from Colorectal Cancer

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Higher intakes of dietary fiber are associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer. A new study suggests that higher intakes of fiber from cereal may reduce the risk of dying among those who have the disease. How much is needed for a benefit? Get the details in the "What It Does" section of the Oat Cereals Review >> [Also see our Top Picks for oat cereals in the Review.]

How Much Do Oats Lower Cholesterol?

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A new report shows that you can lower bad cholesterol by nearly 5% when eating certain amounts of whole oats or oat bran. For details, as well as our tests of products, see the Oat Cereals Review >>