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Menopause Supplements

Statin Interaction

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Supplementing with soy isoflavones was found to reduce the activity of a cholesterol-lowering drug in some people. Get the details in the Concerns and Cautions for soy section of our Menopause Supplements Review.

Also see our article about supplement interactions with statin drugs.

Siberian Rhubarb for Menopause?

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Can supplementing with Siberian rhubarb extract (as found in Menopause 731 by Life Extension, and Estrovera by Metagenics) relieve hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause? Find out what research shows in our Menopause Supplements Review.

Also see if there are any supplements you should avoid if you are taking estrogen replacement.

Soy Isoflavones & Breast Cancer Risk

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Soy isoflavones, which have estrogen-like effects, are used by women hoping to reduce menopausal symptoms. A new study suggests this use may raise the risk of breast cancer in some women but lower it in others. For details, see the What It Does section of the Soy Isoflavone Supplements Review.

Soy Can Affect Thyroid

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Daily intake of soy isoflavones (as found in soy protein and soy isoflavone supplements) can affect thyroid hormone levels — even in people with normal thyroid function, according to a recent study. For details, see the "Concerns and Cautions" section of the Menopause Supplements Review and the Protein Supplements Review.

Delaying Menopause

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A new study found that diet may influence the age at which menopause occurs in women. This is important because later menopause has been associated with lower risk of many health conditions. Find out which foods are associated with later or earlier menopause in the Background section of the Menopause Supplements Review. (Also see what we found in supplements intended to treat menopause symptoms.)

Which Menopause Supplements Really Work?

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Certain supplements may be better than others for hot flashes, vaginal dryness or night sweats according to a recent analysis of clinical studies. Get the details for soy, red clover and black cohosh in the "What It Does" section of the Menopause Supplements Review >>

Soy Isoflavones Maintain Bone Calcium

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A new study showed that soy isoflavones can reduce loss of calcium from bones in postmenopausal women. Certain formulations were more effective than others, although none was as effective as drug therapy. For details, see the Menopause Supplements Review >>

Soy for Menopause Symptoms

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Many studies have shown that soy isoflavones, in the right dose, can reduce hot flashes in women experiencing menopause. A recently published study of soy looked at additional urogenital symptoms of menopause and found some benefit. For more about this, and to find supplements which deliver a proper dose, see the Menopause Supplements Review >> 

Black Cohosh Improves Menopause Symptoms and Decreases Fibroid Size

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A popular black cohosh supplement significantly improved symptoms of menopause and decreased the size of fibroids, according to a new clinical study. Among women who, instead, took a hormone replacement drug, menopausal symptoms also improved, but the size of fibroids slightly increased. Get the details, including the brand and dose, in the update to the Menopause Supplements Review >>