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Review of B Vitamin Supplements


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B vitamin supplements compared in this review : 

View Larger Image 7881_large_BestNaturals-BVits-2022.png

Best Naturals Vitamin B-6 25 mg

View Larger Image 7899_large_Bluebonnet-BVits-2022.png

Bluebonnet Pantothenic Acid 500 mg

View Larger Image 7873_large_Centrum-BVit-2022.png

Centrum Energy & Vitality

View Larger Image 7900_large_CVSHealth-Biotin-BVits-2022.png

CVS Health Biotin 10,000 mcg

View Larger Image 7874_large_DoctorsBest-Fully-BVits-2022.png

Doctor's Best Fully Active Folate 400 With Quatrefolic

View Larger Image 7880_large_DouglasLaboratories-Riboflavin-BVits-2022-small.png

Douglas Laboratories Riboflavin

View Larger Image 7882_large_EnduranceProducts-BVits-2022.png

Endurance Products Company Endur-Acin

View Larger Image 7895_large_FinestNutrition-FolicAcid-BVits-2022.png

Finest Nutrition Folic Acid

View Larger Image 7892_large_GardenOfLife-BVits-2022.png

Garden of Life mykind Organics B-12 Organic Spray - Raspberry Flavor

View Larger Image 7891_large_GardenOfLife-VitaminCode-BVits-2022.png

Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW B-Complex

View Larger Image 7904_large_GNC-BVits-2022.png

GNC B-Complex 50

View Larger Image 7903_large_JarrowFormulas-Biotin-VitB-2022.png

Jarrow Formulas Biotin

View Larger Image 7901_large_KirklandSignature-SuperBComplex-BVits-2022.png

Kirkland Signature Super B-Complex

View Larger Image 7875_large_LifeExtension-Niacin-2022.png

Life Extension No Flush Niacin 640 mg

View Larger Image 7872_large_MasonNatural-BVits-2022.png

Mason Natural B12 50 mcg

View Larger Image 7898_large_MethylPro-BVits-2022.png

MethylPro L-Methylfolate 15 mg

View Larger Image 7884_large_Natrol-BiotinBeauty-BVits-2022.png

Natrol Biotin Beauty 5,000 mcg - Strawberry Natural Flavor

View Larger Image 7894_large_NaturalFactors-BVits-2022.png

Natural Factors Methylcobalamin B12 1,000 mcg

View Larger Image 7896_large_NatureMade-BVits-2022.png

Nature Made Super B-Complex

View Larger Image 7885_large_NaturesBounty-BVit-2022.png

Nature's Bounty Quick Dissolve B-12 - Natural Cherry Flavor

View Larger Image 7888_large_NOW-Niacinamide-BVits-2022.png

NOW Niacinamide 500 mg

View Larger Image 7870_large_NusaPure-BVits-300mg-2022.png

NusaPure Benfotiamine 300 mg

View Larger Image 7883_large_Nutricost-BVit-2022.png

Nutricost Vitamin B2 400 mg

View Larger Image 7890_large_PipingRock-B6-BVits-2022.png Vitamin B-6 100 mg

View Larger Image 7876_large_PureEncapsulations-BComplex-BVits-2022.png

Pure Encapsulations B-Complex Plus

View Larger Image 7877_large_PureSynergy-BVits-2022.png

Pure Synergy Super B-Complex

View Larger Image 7889_large_SloNiacin-Niacin-BVits-2022.png

Slo Niacin

View Larger Image 7878_large_Solaray-B1-BVits-2022.png

Solaray Vitamin B-1 100 mg

View Larger Image 7886_large_Solgar-BVits-2022.png

Solgar B-Complex "100"

View Larger Image 7871_large_SpringValley-Biotin-2022.png

Spring Valley Biotin 10,000 mcg

View Larger Image 7897_large_Swanson-RealFood-BVits-2022.png

Swanson Real Food Biotin

View Larger Image 7879_large_Vitacost-Vitamin-BVits-2022.png

Vitacost Vitamin B12 - Natural Grape Flavor with Other Natural Flavor

View Larger Image 7893_large_VitaFusion-Biotin-BVits-2022.png

Vitafusion Biotin 5,000 mcg - Natural Blueberry Flavor

View Larger Image 7887_large_Vitafusion-B12-BVits-2022.png

Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins Vitamin B12 1,000 mcg

You must be a member to get the full test results along with recommendations and quality ratings. You will get results for 26 B vitamin and B-complex supplements selected by and eight others which passed testing in its voluntary Quality Certification Program. In this comprehensive review, you'll discover:
  • Which B vitamin supplements failed testing and which passed
  • Cost comparisons and quality ratings of B vitamin supplements
  • Information on what B vitamin supplements can and cannot do for you -- some may reduce memory decline!
  • Important differences among forms of B vitamins, such as those of niacin (nicotinic acid, niacinamide, and inositol hexanicotinate), folate (natural folate, folic acid, and L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate), and B-12 (methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin), as well as how oral B-12 compares to B-12 injections.
  • Use and dosage information for thiamin, niacin, vitamin B-6, B-12, biotin, folate (folic acid), and pantothenic acid.
  • How amounts of B vitamins in supplements compare to the amounts you actually need - the results may surprise you!
  • What you need to know about new intake guidelines — and why you shouldn't rely on Daily Values (DVs) listed on labels
  • Side effects and potential drug interactions with B vitamins
  • Safety concerns with B vitamins, and how to use them safely

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