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Muscle & Workout Supplements (Creatine and BCAAs)
A Better Form of Creatine? -- (11/29/2019) A relatively new form of creatine may raise creatine levels in the blood and muscle more effectively than the most common form (creatine monohydrate), but it has drawbacks. Learn more in the ConsumerTips section of the Muscle & Workout Supplements Review. Also see our Top Picks for creatine.
Creatine for Older People -- (4/16/2019) Creatine may boost the benefits of resistance exercise for older people, according to recent studies. For details, including dosage, see the What It Does section of the Creatine Supplements Review. Also see our Top Picks for creatine.
Creatine for Older People -- (12/18/2018) Does taking creatine improve muscles in older people? See the results of a recent study in the What It Does section of the Muscle & Workout Supplements Review. (Also see our Top Pick for creatine).
Amino Acids After Knee Replacement? -- (10/5/2018) Does taking amino acids after knee replacement surgery help maintain muscle volume, mobility, and strength? See what a recent study found in the What It Does section of the Muscle & Workout Supplements Review. (Also see our Top Picks in this category).
Glutamine for IBS? -- (9/4/2018) Glutamine, an amino acid, plays a role in maintaining the digestive tract. Can taking it as a supplement help people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Find out what a recent study showed in the Glutamine section of the Muscle Enhancers Review.
Creatine Pumps Up Muscles -- (12/9/2017) Giving creatine during a resistance-training program significantly boosted muscle size more than placebo in a recent study — and certain muscles increased in size more than others. Learn more in the "What It Does" section of the Muscle & Workout Supplements Review (Creatine & BCAAs). (Also see our Top Picks and Cautions and Concerns for creatine).
Leucine Protects Muscle In Middle-Aged -- (1/24/2016) A recent study found that active, middle-aged people restricted to bed rest for several days lost significantly less muscle mass and function if given a leucine supplement along with their meals. Fat gain was also reduced. Get the details, including our tests of leucine-containing supplements, in the Muscle Enhancers Review >>
Muscle Supplements and Testicular Cancer -- (4/15/2015) A study of men who have used muscle-building supplements shows a disturbing increase in the risk of testicular cancer. More information is in the Muscle Enhancers (Creatine and Branched-chain Amino Acids) Review >>
Creatine Tested for Parkinson Disease -- (2/17/2015) Taking creatine daily for at least five years did not slow the progression of Parkinson disease according to a recently reported study involving nearly 1,000 patients. For more details about the study, other studies with creatine (for strength, fibromyalgia, etc.), and our tests of creatine supplements, see the Product Review of Muscle Enhancers (Creatine and Branched-chain Amino Acids) >> 
Amino Acids Speed Recovery From Knee Surgery -- (11/10/2013) A study of men and women receiving knee replacement surgery showed that taking essential amino acids (including branched-chain amino acids) twice daily before and after surgery reduced muscle loss and speeded recovery. For details, including dosage, plus our reviews of amino acid supplements, see the updated Muscle Enhancers Review >> 
Creatine for Fibromyalgia -- (5/19/2013) A new study shows that creatine might have a role in boosting muscle strength in patients with fibromyalgia. Get the details, plus quality ratings for creatine supplements in our updated Muscle Enhancers (Creatine and Branched Chain Amino Acids) Review >>




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