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Stanols Lower Cholesterol -- (7/29/2015) Many studies have shown that plant sterols and stanols can help lower levels of LDL "bad" cholesterol. A new placebo-controlled study, which involved advice on diet and exercise, found benefit with a slightly lower dose of stanols than typically recommended. Get the details in the “What to Consider When Buying" section of the Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements Review »
Magnesium Helps in Prediabetes -- (7/29/2015) A recent study in people with prediabetes who were deficient in magnesium showed that a daily dose of magnesium significantly improved their glucose status. Details, along with our recent tests of magnesium supplements, are found in the Magnesium Supplements Review »
Does Cocoa Benefit Some More Than Others? -- (7/26/2015) A recent study of natural cocoa taken daily showed potential cardiovascular benefits -- but they seemed greater for some people than others. See the details in the Cocoa and Dark Chocolate Review >>
Probiotics May Not Work As Thought -- (7/22/2015) Research continues to reveal promising uses for probiotics, but it's also showing that probiotics don't necessarily work by changing the types of organisms in our gut. A new study with Culturelle sheds light on this. Details, along with information about what probiotics can and cannot do and our tests of 43 probiotic supplements, are found in the Probiotic Supplements Review >>
Green Tea for Weight Management? -- (7/11/2015) Green tea has been touted for weight management, but a recent study with a green tea extract casts doubt. More details are found in the "What It Does" section of the Green Tea Review >>
Probiotic Lowers Triglycerides -- (7/8/2015) Although past studies have not found probiotics to lower triglyceride levels, a recent study found a combination of two probiotic strains significantly decreased triglycerides in men and women with moderately high levels. More details, including dosage, are found in the "What It Does" section of the Probiotic Supplements Review >>
Fish Oil and Alzheimer's Disease -- (7/4/2015) The evidence is mixed on whether fish oil can help people with Alzheimer's disease. A benefit was seen in a study reported last year, but a recently reported study found no benefit with fish oil combined with antioxidants. More details are found in the "What It Does" section of the Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements Review >>



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