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Inaccurate Yohimbe Labels -- (9/30/2015) Yohimbe supplements contain an active compound, yohimbine, which is an old drug for erectile dysfunction. A recent study found that most yohimbe supplements don't list the amount of yohimbine they contain, and those that do are typically inaccurate — similar to what has found. For more about the study as well as our own tests of products, see the Sexual Enhancement Supplements Review >>
Melatonin Helps Post-Op Sleep -- (9/29/2015) A study found that giving melatonin to women significantly improved their sleep time during the weeks after breast cancer surgery. For details, including our tests of products, see the Melatonin Supplements Review >>
Probiotic Increases Bowel Movement Frequency -- (9/22/2015) A certain probiotic increased the number of weekly bowel movements in healthy men and women who reported a low frequency. Get the details, including brand and dosage, plus our tests of popular products in the Probiotic Supplements Review >>
Adequate Vitamin D Reduces Frequent Respiratory Infections -- (9/20/2015) A study in people with frequent respiratory infections found that taking vitamin D for one year resulted in fewer infections than taking placebo. In contrast, a similar study did not find a benefit. Why the difference? Find out in the Vitamin D Supplements Review >>
Soy Isoflavones Maintain Bone Calcium -- (9/16/2015) A new study showed that soy isoflavones can reduce loss of calcium from bones in postmenopausal women. Certain formulations were more effective than others, although none was as effective as drug therapy. For details, see the Menopause Supplements Review >>
Adequate Vitamin D May Lower Risk of Alzheimer's -- (9/16/2015) A study showed that men and women with adequate levels of vitamin D in their blood were less likely to experience declines in cognitive functioning associated with Alzheimer's dementia than those with lower levels. More about the study, including the vitamin D level considered adequate, as well as our reviews of supplements, is found in the Vitamin D Supplements Review >>
Cardiovascular Benefits of Cocoa Flavanols -- (9/12/2015) A drink rich in cocoa flavanols modestly improved certain measures of cardiovascular health in healthy, middle-aged men and women, according to a recent study. Get the details, including dosage, plus our tests of popular products, in the Review of Cocoa Powders, Dark Chocolate, Extracts, Nibs, & Supplements >>
Resveratrol for Alzheimer's Disease? -- (9/12/2015) High doses of a synthetic resveratrol stabilized a marker of disease progression in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer's, a recent study reports. However, more research is required to determine if resveratrol is effective for Alzheimer's. Get the details about this and other studies with resveratrol, and our tests and comparisons of products, in the Resveratrol Supplements Review >>
Vitamin C: The Exercise Replacement? -- (9/9/2015) A small clinical study recently found that taking vitamin C had a positive effect on blood vessels similar to a daily walk. The study focused on overweight and obese individuals, in whom blood vessel tone is compromised. Long-term effects were not studied. Get details about the study (including dose) and other pros and cons of vitamin C in the Vitamin C Supplements Review >>
Melatonin for Anxiety Before Medical Procedures? -- (9/5/2015) Some studies in men and women show that melatonin can reduce anxiety before surgery. A recent study in children found it can also reduce the anxiety and pain associated with blood tests. For details, including dosage, evidence for other uses of melatonin, and our tests of popular products, see the Melatonin Supplements Review >>
Vitamin D Increases Strength -- (9/2/2015) A recently published review of clinical studies found that supplementing with vitamin D can improve muscle strength in young, healthy men and women. This has also been found in older individuals and may relate to the fact that vitamin D receptors occur in skeletal muscle. However, this benefit may be limited to vitamin D deficient individuals. Get the details in the "Muscle, balance and falls" section of the Vitamin D Supplements Review >>
Probiotic Approved for Throat Infections -- (9/2/2015) A branded probiotic lozenge can help reduce the frequency of certain throat infections, including strep, according to a health claim recently approved in Canada. Details about the product (which is also available in the U.S.) are found in the Probiotic Supplements Review >>
CLA Linked to Acute Hepatitis -- (9/2/2015) CLA supplements are popular for slimming, but a recent report of acute hepatitis (liver inflammation) associated with use of CLA is concerning. Get the details, plus more about evidence, safety, and our tests of popular products in the CLA Supplements Review >>



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